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I'm not sure how much I'll be posting to LJ/DW over the next couple of days. I'll just have my tablet with me, so those posts are liable to be VERY short. A few other random comments:

1. Still reading Rebecca. At times I wonder whether Rebecca was the illegitimate child of Mrs. Danvers. Yes, I know all about the rigidity of British social classes and all that, but still... Wait, wait, DON'T tell me!

2. For sports fans around here, the 30th anniversary of this gruesome injury is a Big Deal, but maybe this week will finally become known for Bryce Harper's National League MVP award. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about David Ortiz.
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Today has been the 11th anniversary of the Boston Red Sox victory in the 2004 World Series. Guess which long-sleeved shirt I am wearing. Yeah, that one. :-)

Nowadays, of course, the World Series begins later than ever before, because there has to be a play-in round before the ALDS and NLDS. Gee, why don't we give all the teams a gold star, like in a kindergarten competition?

Today's bit of exercise involved planting some bulbs that I bought at Aldi last month. If all goes well, next spring I should have some purple flowers mixed in with the daffodils in my tiny condo garden. Julia watched me through the bedroom window. She looked as if she was thinking, "Hey, you're wetting down the place where MY birdies like to take dust baths!"
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Relive it here. And here.

Can't believe it's been 10 years since that fully-eclipsed-moon magical night when the Red Sox finally won the World Series.
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So, how 'bout those RED SOX???!!!??? Cut to spare those who are uninterested. )

The other night, I was driving to dance/music practice and I saw that the sign in front of the university's Ritchie Coliseum said something like "WELCOME AORE, WWW.AORE.ORG." I wondered what the heck AORE stands for. American Organization of Renal Endocrinologists? Association of Outstanding Reticulated Entomologists? Obviously I figured it out once I got home, but I think my other ideas are more interesting, don't you?

Anyway ... I'm still getting used to Standard Time and the lack of Major League Baseball games, and I really, really ought to write more about the SCA.
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Game 1 of the World Series is in the books and it is a SOX VICTORY!!! Boy, those Cardinals need to learn how to catch a ball. This ain't high school, gentlemen!!

Now, I am just finishing off my second bottle of Sam Adams Octoberfest tonight, but I must say, this is one weird (NSFW) music video about Massachusetts by some Norwegian group. Now, that's NOT Boston City Hall, people don't refer to "the Massachusetts" and "the Suffolk County," and the "perfect harmony" bit certainly glosses over the whole Boston busing crisis. And where the hell did they find Pingryville? Even I had to look that one up!
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Yeah, I stayed up last night and watched the historic Red Sox collapse. Aaarrrrrggghhhhh. I have to admit that, for fans of the Orioles, it must have been an utterly fabulous way to end an otherwise undistinguished season.

But for Red Sox Nation? Gaah, what might have been....

Seems as if a lot of people are now calling for the head of manager Terry "Tito" Francona, but I'm not one of them. I still think he's the best manager for the Red Sox. I don't know enough about baseball to assign blame, but I'd say the team HAS to get rid of Lackey, and probably Crawford too. I see Ellsbury, Pedroia, and Youkilis (when Youk gets over his injury) as the core of next year's team.

Baseball is such a funny game. It's like the opposite of football. The NFL has a 16-game season, so it is not that uncommon to have teams finish 15-1 or 1-15. But Major League Baseball is six months and 162 games. The best teams have a record around .600 and the worst teams are around .400. Regression toward the mean or something like that. Even the best teams have "off" nights when no one can hit or catch properly. Even the worst teams have flashes of athletic brilliance.

Funny, but at the end of the game last night, I was thinking about how I tried to make myself root for the Orioles back in the 1990s, when I was a new transplant to Maryland and DC had no prospects of getting an MLB team. After all, the O's still had Cal Ripken Jr., who I still think is an incredible class act. The O's led the AL East for the entire 1997 season, then lost in the playoffs (ALDS, IIRC) and then Peter Angelos fired Davey Johnson and the O's haven't had a winning season since. I can't stand Angelos as a team owner, and I guess this experience is one reason why I think the Sox should keep Francona. (Incidentally, Davey Johnson is now managing the Nationals, which gives me hope for the future of that team. I would really like to have a good NL team in DC.)

Guess I'll wrap this up with a couple of links.

Chad Finn: Red Sox did this to themselves
Nate Silver: Bill Buckner strikes again

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Sep. 5th, 2010 06:05 pm
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BU student falls to death at hotel. I guess this is why the screens were riveted onto the window frames at Warren Towers (the huge 18-story dorm there).

UMass-Amherst mired in second-tier status -- this is sad, and there is no excuse for it. I did what I could while I was still a Massachusetts resident.

Dammit, the Red Sox were ahead and they STILL managed to lose their third game in a row to the White Sox. *grumble* We're never going to get back into the wild-card race now....

Well, I guess I should go enjoy what's left of another gorgeous afternoon.

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