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Happy Milestone Birthday to the son of [personal profile] cz_unit and Phoenix, and happy 18th anniversary of parenthood to CZ and Phoenix!!!
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Happiest of birthdays to those two folks born on the exact same day, Maugorn and Forestcats!!!
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Happy Birthday, [personal profile] wookiemonster!! I hope you are having a great day full of dancing!!

(Yes, I know that I don't mark too many birthdays on LJ/DW anymore. However, Wookiemonster is still very diligent about everybody else's natal anniversaries, so it's only proper to celebrate his!)
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First off, a Happy Belated Birthday to Maugorn and Forestcats/Bridget.

This week was quite the reminder of our universal mortality. Not only did we pass the 19th anniversary of my mother's death and funeral (the 9th and the 13th, respectively), but also David Bowie and Alan Rickman. I wasn't as big a fan of David Bowie as I have been of several other artists, but still, his music was part of the soundtrack of my life, going back all the way to the time I first heard "Fame" on WRKO-AM Top 40 radio when I was in high school. As for Alan Rickman ... oh, I was just one of many, many women who swooned over him. Especially that voice. The perfect pairing of fine wine and chocolate. He also seemed like one of the few celebrities with whom I would actually like to have a meaningful conversation. Now I shall never get the chance. :-(

As far as other stuff goes ... The first half of the week, I felt pretty darn productive, but I've stumbled badly the second half of the week. Blame it on Alan Rickman, I guess. I've definitely set myself up for an intense three-day work weekend. Well, work plus a New England Patriots playoff game, Maugie's birthday party, and Lithuanian folk dance practice up in Baltimore. Oh, and a Finance Committee meeting on Sunday morning, bright and early before the church service. *sigh*

Hiya, Dad!

Aug. 31st, 2015 10:42 pm
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Happy 98th Birthday! Oh, wait ... you didn't get to be anywhere near that old. If you could come back to Earth today the way you were when you died, you'd be just nine years older than I am. I have some friends older than that, or in your approximate age group, at least. You might like them.

Anyway, so much to catch up on. Once again, your birthday falls during a time when your favorite New England Patriots are defending Super Bowl champions!!! How 'bout THAT!! You never even got to see them play in the Super Bowl once when you were alive, never mind win it!! Of course, the Pats have now become the huge dynasty team that fans of all the other NFL teams like to rag on. Oh, well....

And the Red Sox have won the World Series THREE TIMES in recent years!!! Can you believe THAT!! The only time THAT happened during your lifetime, you were in diapers, just past your first birthday, so of course you missed all the excitement!

So many things have changed. Remember how you like to browse at Radio Shack while Mom and I shopped for female clothes? About a year ago, just about all the Radio Shack stores vanished! Yup, no more! Sears and Kmart are just a shadow of their former selves too, due to crummy management. Of course, there are a lot of cellphone stores where some of the Radio Shacks used to be. What's a cellphone? Oh, yeah, it's a phone that you can carry around in your pocket, and you can talk to anyone anywhere whenever you want to! You don't have to be the president of the United States or some other big shot to have your own mobile phone!

Speaking of radio, the kind of music you liked to listen to on Sunday afternoons -- what I always called "dentist-office music" -- isn't really played on the radio anymore. But, don't worry, I could hook you up with all sorts of mellow "easy listening" stuff, or maybe even the Big Band sounds of the Swing Era, through my Spotify app.

What's an app? Oh, yeah ... it's a little thing you run on your smartphone, and it connects you directly to the Internet without a browser. What are all of those things? What the hell am I talking about?? *deep breath* My, I really do have a lot to explain about how the world has changed since 1982. Never mind the fall of the Soviet Union and the independence of your parents' homeland....

Just leaving you with this thought: Your nephew Tim is now older than you ever got a chance to be. Today, his grandson began the fourth grade.

As always with love,
Your little Patoodle
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Happy Birthday, [personal profile] wookiemonster -- the guy who faithfully remembers everybody else's birthdays!!! :-)
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Yesterday was the boy toy's B-day, but I had a short article to write (freelance). So while I worked on that, he did some laundry. Later in the afternoon, we went to the local co-op supermarket to get the monthly "patron appreciation day" discount (5 percent off everything). In the evening I cooked us a meal from one of Jamie Oliver's cookbooks: a fish frittata with a light waldorf salad on the side. It came out OK; I wouldn't want to eat it every day, but it was tasty enough for a change.

Today we went into DC. First we stopped at the American History Museum to see the exhibit on the 1960s, because the building first opened in 1964 -- 50 years ago. It was a small but good-quality exhibit, featuring a beautifully restored 1964 Ford Mustang, a diorama of the New York World's Fair, and some glass tubes from an early build-your-own-laser kit. Then the boy toy noticed the tents for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the Mall, so we walked around that for a while. It was warm and mildly humid, but not oppressively so (like SO many summer days around here).

Next we took the Orange Line to Eastern Market because neither one of us had ever been there. The building itself reminded me of what Quincy Market in Boston might be like if it hadn't gotten all gussied up for the tourists. We didn't bring an insulated bag and we usually get our fresh meat at the Amish market anyway, but we did pick up a chunk of Parmesan cheese.

Finally, we walked a few blocks to a Cuban/Puerto Rican restaurant and had a late lunch slash early dinner. His meal turned out to be a HUGE platter so he will be getting a second meal out of that.

Less than three months to go till my own birthday, which I will share this year not only with the Barony of Storvik, but also Our National Anthem as it hits the Big Two-Oh-Oh. About time I check out some of the festivities at Fort McHenry, and maybe we'll find a cool restaurant somewhere in Baltimore.
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Happy Birthday, CZ!!!!!! Enjoy the second half of your 40s!!!!!!

H.B. Update

Oct. 6th, 2013 11:43 pm
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Happy Birthday to Weebaby and Montuos!!

And now I must go back to my arduous writing... this article is SO not working out the way I originally outlined it.
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Yeah, I shouldn't care anymore, but I will admit to keeping an eye on CNN this afternoon (while working on a short freelance assignment) to see who the new pope would be.

It's part of my secular as well as my religious DNA. During the first semester of my sophomore year at college, the board of my college newspaper decided to get an Associated Press machine (I guess we would become an associate member or something like that; I don't remember the exact details). The machine didn't get installed in the basement of our building until mid-October. Well, virtually as soon as we plugged the thing in, it went "ding! ding!" and started typing out bulletins that white smoke had been seen at the Sistine Chapel. The election of Pope John Paul II was so exciting at first, because of the huge break with tradition in that he wasn't Italian (he was Polish! With maternal Lithuanian ancestry, even!). But a year or so later, he forced Father Drinan to step down from Congress, and that was my first big disappointment....

Many years later and many steps along the road from Catholicism to Unitarian Universalism ... I certainly do NOT expect any pope in my lifetime to change his (because it's not gonna be "her") tune on birth control, abortion, same-sex marriage, etc. Nope, ain't gonna happen. But I do have a slightly more positive view of Jesuits because I lived in Father Drinan's district for a decade of my life, and the name Francis connotes a strong sense of social justice. If this new Pope Francis can clean house from the scandals and shift the public emphasis from the "social conservative hot button" stuff to caring for the poor and downtrodden, I'll be reasonably OK with that. And he's 76 years old, so chances are we'll have him around for only a decade or so, anyway.

I *would* write about "Father Frank" from my college days, but it's getting awfully late and I'm tired.

I just want to conclude by saying: Happy Birthday, [personal profile] pasticcio!!!!!

H.B. Update

Dec. 7th, 2012 09:56 pm
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Happy Birthday, [personal profile] herveus!!!!!

A nice day

Jul. 29th, 2012 08:52 pm
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Happy Birthday, [personal profile] wookiemonster!!!

Today I'm feeling much better. I ate oatmeal for breakfast, a crepe filled with cheese and veggies for lunch, and non-soup leftover Chinese food for dinner. The boy toy and I did some laundry and cleaning. Now I will go through another pile of things for Pennsic.

I think I did the right thing in getting these bum teeth out of my mouth sooner rather than later, even if it did cost me some money.
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When I was in Girl Scouts (a long time ago, in a different century), we used to sing a simple, two-line round:

Make new friends, but keep the old --
One is silver and the other gold!

Two of my oldest and dearest friends are Karisu_sama and Didjiman (as they are known on LJ). I met them when they were 23 and 24 respectively, and married just about a year. So I have officially known them more than half their lives ... because Didjiman, ace photographer and programmer, is TURNING NIFTY FIFTY today!! (Well, OK, technically he was born on the other side of the International Date Line, where it is already tomorrow, so it was yesterday ... whatever!)

Happy Birthday, Didjiman!!!! Wishing you many more years of health, happiness and prosperity!! May you live to see your THIRD half-century!!
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Sting turned 60 years old today -- I already knew that was going to happen, because today was also my friend R.'s 60th birthday.

I wanted to get together with him, because nobody should spend a round-number birthday alone. So we took the Metro into town from our opposite sides of the District, and rendezvoused at the Starbucks just inside the entrance to GW Hospital. It was in the old GW Hospital building -- now torn down -- where R. made his entrance into this world. How many of us have returned to OUR birthplaces, so to speak, on our round-number birthdays?

From there we walked to West Potomac Park where the last day of the Solar Decathlon was being held, and we saw a couple of the solar homes, including that of the overall winner, the University of Maryland. It was a pretty cold, raw, and drizzly day. Walking back uphill to the GW campus area warmed me up again, though.

R. and I ended up eating dinner at the Bertucci's near GW, where we have gone on a number of other occasions. All in all, I think he had a pleasant birthday.

OMG, one of my longest friends (I've known him since 1984) is sixty....
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Happy New Year to all my friends who celebrate Rosh Hashanah!

Happy Belated Birthday to [personal profile] bodger and [Bad username or unknown identity: wayzgoose"]!

I must say, it would have been nice if Maugorn had had a larger audience last night at the New Deal Cafe. But it was still great to hear him, and I got to catch up with a guy who used to attend our church more regularly in the 1990s but not so much today. He had locked himself out of his car and was waiting for his wife to get home.

Tomorrow night I'll be back at the New Deal for Wolgemut!! Now, who's going to be Wolgemut with me?? :-)
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Happy Birthday, [personal profile] wookiemonster! Have a purr-fect year!

(Let's see if this cross-posts to both journals ... first time I've tried to do this in a while.)
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I just posted a 90th-anniversary-of-his-birth tribute to my Uncle Pete on LJ. Because I embedded a photo, I wasn't sure about the cross-posting thing, but you can read it here.
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... when the latest Supreme Court nominee is younger than you are (by 7 months).

(Now that I've finally gotten used to the idea that the POTUS is younger still....)

Also: Happy 50th Birthday, Bono!

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