Sep. 24th, 2016 11:29 pm
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Today the boy toy and I spent the day in Baltimore, visiting a couple of museums that waived their entrance fees today under a special Smithsonian program: the B&O Railroad Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Industry. (Sorry, photos are still in my camera.) Then we stopped at a diner-type restaurant that had been featured by Guy Fieri on the Food Network.

We had a great time ... but when we got home, we found a large hairball right in the center of the top of the coffee table.

Gee, thanks, Julia. :-P
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Oh my Ceiling Cat!! My litter boxes have been out of their regular places for days!! I don't know how to count that many days!! The humans have been going in and out of the place where the pee and poop is supposed to go and making all sorts of funny LOUD noises!! Sometimes Daddy yells a lot! There is this loud RRRRRRR sound! Yesterday Mommy was in there for a long time with the doors closed and when she came out it smelled funny! Not pee and not poop!! I want to pee in the right place again!!


After 16 years of living with bathroom wallpaper that I didn't choose and I never really liked, I am finally changing the place! It has been a somewhat challenging project. In some places the wallpaper came off easily, and in other places it didn't. (We used a product called "W.P. Chomp [brand] World's Best Wallpaper Stripper." I kid you not.) Then we went through multiple rounds of spackling and sanding. There were plenty of old dings and divots and holes where towel racks used to be, and also places where the drywall had sort of rotted out under the wallpaper. Yesterday I finally started applying paint to the walls. I hope we will get the ceiling, trim and doors done today.

It won't be perfect -- probably the only way to get "perfection" in this bathroom would have been to get a contractor to strip everything down to the studs and construct a brand-new bathroom from scratch. But at least I will feel as if I have accomplished some sort of home improvement, despite my limited budget. :-)
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I didn't realize until Thursday was upon us that October 29th is National Cat Day. The previous day, I had bought Julia a second cardboard scratch pad so that she will have one at each end of the condo. She still uses the one in the living room, but she had taken to sharpening her claws on the bedroom carpet. I can't afford to replace the wall-to-wall carpeting in the biggest room in the condo, so I got the new cardboard pad, and she has been happily using it since.

However, on Friday morning I could see that there had been an overnight explosion of feline energy on the sill of the bay window, which serves as Cat Central. The cat bed had been kicked several feet in one direction and the bowls had been pushed onto the floor in the other direction, and one of them was broken. Naturally Julia could not get to the leftovers of her evening meal because they were under the overturned and busted dishes, so she was loudly meowing for her breakfast, but otherwise not copping to anything. I suspect that some wandering outdoor cat had taunted the heck out of her and she had responded by vigorously defending her territory. Silly beast!

Anyhow ... my car has been in the shop this weekend. Brakes got all mushy on Thursday, and adding brake fluid didn't fix the problem. Obviously I'm not happy about the additional demand on my dwindling dollars.

I think I'll do NaBloPoMo this year. Not NaNoWriMo -- I just don't want to chase after the chimera of a 50,000-word novel so bad it'll never get published. My next nonfiction feature article is due a week from tomorrow, and making money from that and other things has to be Job One for me.

I have two other blogs: my professional blog on Wordpress and my SCA blog. But I'll enter this one (at least the LJ version), because realistically it's the one I'm most likely to update daily. Who knows, maybe I'll make a few new friends/followers again.
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Today has been the 11th anniversary of the Boston Red Sox victory in the 2004 World Series. Guess which long-sleeved shirt I am wearing. Yeah, that one. :-)

Nowadays, of course, the World Series begins later than ever before, because there has to be a play-in round before the ALDS and NLDS. Gee, why don't we give all the teams a gold star, like in a kindergarten competition?

Today's bit of exercise involved planting some bulbs that I bought at Aldi last month. If all goes well, next spring I should have some purple flowers mixed in with the daffodils in my tiny condo garden. Julia watched me through the bedroom window. She looked as if she was thinking, "Hey, you're wetting down the place where MY birdies like to take dust baths!"
luscious_purple: Boston STRONG! (Boston Strong)
Friday, July 3: It would have been my parents' 68th wedding anniversary. Of course, my parents were married for 34 years and about 7 weeks before my Dad died. Consequently, in about 14 weeks I'll be able to say that the time that has elapsed since my father's death is equal to the length of their marriage.

Saturday, July 4: Pretty quiet day staying at home. The boy toy and I binge-watched the second half of the first season of Turn on Netflix. We had watched the first half of the first season and then never got around to seeing the rest. Of course, we haven't seen the second season yet, and it's no longer on FiOS-on-Demand, so we'll have to wait a bit longer. In the evening, I went to the next court over in my condo complex to watch the municipal fireworks, while the boy toy stayed indoors to reassure poor Julia.

Sunday, July 5: Boy toy and I stopped at the farmers' market, where we bought our first peaches of the season, and then we drove down to the southern end of Calvert County (southern Maryland). We had a nice meal of fish and chips and checked out the Calvert Marine Museum, which has a little bit of everything -- dinosaur bones and other fossils, aquariums containing live fish, many different boats, tons of artifacts from the oyster and crab industries, and a restored lighthouse, complete with attached outhouse. (Apparently the museum hosted an outdoor Barenaked Ladies concert on Friday night. Dang.) On the way back home, we cruised some of the Calvert County byways in a search for public beaches that might be worth visiting in the future.

Coming up this week: work on my next freelance magazine article and an attempt at water aerobics class.
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I have a tiny little garden in front of my ground-floor bedroom window. (Well, OK, the whole condo is on the ground floor.) I used to think that squirrels were making the little roundish depressions in the dirt in the places where there are no plants. However, since I moved my desk much closer to the window, I've seen that little brown birds, which I presume are house wrens, are using the dirt for their dust baths. They alight in a little depression in the dust, flick dust on themselves and flutter their wings.

And, since there is now a lot less stuff around the little table in front of the bedroom window, Julia has been spending a lot more time in front of that window (instead of in the bay window in the living room).

She loves, loves, loves watching the little birdies. She is obsessed. Even in the morning, when I still have the blinds closed for privacy and modesty, she is crouched in position, trying to peep through the gaps. Then, all afternoon long, she is gazing out there, swishing her tail, occasionally chirping or chittering under her breath.

Sometimes there are as many as six or seven wrens out there at once. When one gets especially close to the window, Julia goes especially bonkers and scrabbles her paws or paces.

I have been putting a bit of bird seed out there to make my little garden especially attractive. I've started to call it the House-Wren Social Club. :-)

Here's what she looked like a few days ago, when it wasn't so hot and I had the window open, so that there was just a screen between Julia and the birds. (Note that the birds sitting right *on* the window sill are made of clay ... a couple of ornaments I bought years ago to symbolize my wish to find a mate.)


Right now Julia is sound asleep because she wasn't able to do her usual afternoon catnapping -- too many distractions! :-)
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Five years ago today, Julia came to live with us! You can read more details here.

Today, of course, the feline formerly known as "Mom Cat" is happy and healthy. She can be playful when we tempt her with a dangling toy or laser pointer, and occasionally she finds something on the floor and bats it around a bit. Julia still doesn't like to be confined in a carrier or in human arms, and she really doesn't like to have her claws trimmed, but she is happy sitting on our laps or next to us on the furniture. She is very talkative -- she has an amazing range of vocalizations, ranging from "wah, I don't like this" to "Oh, goody, more sprouty sprouts!!!!" (She adores the stuff sold as "kitty grass.")

She is a delightful pet. I hope we have her for many years to come.

Edited to try to add a photo:

Five years ago today, Julia arrived at her forever home! <3
luscious_purple: Julia, the Maine Coon Cat (Julia)
Today was a HORRIBLE day! I was taking a nice afternoon nap when Mommy petted me, then picked me up and put me on that low flat thing that moves around. Then she HELD me while Daddy took this buzzy thing and made more of my fur come off. I DO NOT LIKE being held so that I can't jump and run around. Daddy said he was giving me "another trim." Do NOT WANT "trim"! Then Mommy sprayed me with something WET!! Yuck!! She said it was "anti-hairball solution." I don't know what that means, but WET is BAD!

After the human supper Mommy and Daddy went out somewhere. I was just sitting on the human bed and trying to fall asleep when I heard BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! That was VERY scary!!! I went under the human bed and did NOT come out until my people came home and the BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! stopped. At least Mommy and Daddy did not hold me and do the buzzy thing again. I was so scared.
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I don't know where Daddy is! Sometimes Mommy goes somewhere without Daddy, and sometimes both Mommy and Daddy go away together, but tonight Mommy is just sitting alone, playing with her string. When Daddy left Mommy she said "Happy Thanksgiving, see you on Friday" -- I don't know what that means! And then they did the people kind of head-butting.

Anyhow, I couldn't sit on Daddy's lap tonight, so I had to sit on Mommy's lap for a while. But she makes her tummy jiggle. I think it has to do with that talking box that the people listen to.

At least I have my sprouty sprouts. There are other kinds of sprouts in the window, but they smell funny, so I just sit in the pots. Mommy didn't want me to sit in one of the pots, so she put some funny hard things in the pot so I cannot sit on the sprouts. Mommy said, "I want strawberries next summer." What are strawberries? Do they taste like chicken?
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The boy toy and I got home around 7 o'clock last night. Yes, it was a night for dance/music practice, but once I got past the threshold I did NOT want to cross it again. I drove a total of 1,172 miles in five days! Thus, I felt a powerful, overwhelming urge to be stationary for a while.

I know that it's a stereotype that cats shun their owners when the people come home from an extended trip. However, Julia ran to greet us at the door and let out a stream of vocalizations that could only mean in kitty language, "Where have you BEEN all this time? I *missed* you SO MUCH!" She came up to both of us for skritches and petting. When I flopped down on the bed and extended my right arm to stretch it out, Julia laid her body against my arm with her head perfectly positioned next to my hand for the neck skritching. Awwww....

Anyhow, we had mostly fabulous weather. One brief cloudburst in New Jersey on the way up, a few sprinkles in the morning on the way back ... otherwise, it was GORGEOUS weather: bright, sunny, ideal temperature, low humidity, nearly cloudless skies ... to me, that was EXACTLY how summer SHOULD be!! Gosh, I miss New England summers!!!

I will write more later, but I just wanted to drive home the point that one of New England's major supermarket chains and one of the supermarket companies here in the DMV (the new slang for DC/MD/VA) are EXACTLY the same:

Cat update

Mar. 12th, 2013 08:58 pm
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Yesterday made one month since Pumpkin's passing, but I was too busy getting to the tax preparer's office, running other errands, and being on time to dance/music practice, so I didn't write about it.

Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago I got a very nice sympathy card from the animal hospital, signed by the staff members who treated him. The card also had his pawprint and a lock of his fur, tied up with a little ribbon. I let Julia sniff the fur, and she definitely sniffed at it for a good long time, as if she was thinking, "Hmm, this smells like the other cat, but it doesn't LOOK like the other cat...." I put the card with other souvenirs of Pumpkin -- the notebook in which we recorded his insulin shots, the certificate of cremation, the little baggie of fur from the last time the boy toy brushed him, etc. The small wooden box containing his ashes sits on a shelf in the bedroom.

As for Julia ... she has shown no sign of mourning Pumpkin, and in fact, we think she LOVES being an "only kitty." She spends more time in the living room now, because there is no need for her to cede any territory to "him." She loves to bask in the sun and no longer goes into her "den" (the litter box cover sitting on top of the orange pillow). Probably she feels as if the entire condo is hers -- no matter who pays the mortgage!
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Pumpkin has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. :-( :-(

Saturday and Sunday were OK for him, no big change from Friday. I went to an SCA event on Saturday, and Pumpkin apparently peed on the sofa sometime during the afternoon while the boy toy was playing with Julia (the other cat) in the bedroom. Last night, when he and I were excitedly watching "The Walking Dead" and "Talking Dead," I kept giving the Pumpykins skritches on his neck.

This morning, when I got up, I saw Pumpkin sitting at the other end of the hallway, looking at me as if to say, "Please feed me! Now!!!" I fed the cats as usual, and I took a short video of Pumpkin noshing on his kibble (the cats get dry food in the morning, wet food at night -- they would prefer crunchies all the time, but I started insisting on the wet food once Pumpkin got his diagnosis of diabetes). The video is still in my camera.

Unfortunately, after he ate, Pumpie started throwing up this brown stuff that looked like partially digested cat food. He threw up at least seven times during the afternoon. He also looked as if he wanted to poop but couldn't. He kept staggering between the dining room litter box and the bathroom litter box. He definitely looked uncomfortable. He didn't know where to put himself. Julia and Pumpkin aren't all that friendly with each other, but Julia kept stalking him, keeping an eye on him, as if to say, "Gee, that other cat is not quite right, but I'm not sure what's going on."

When running our afternoon errands, the boy toy and I picked up a little pot of organic "kitty grass" -- a special treat indeed. When he was healthy, Pumpkin would attack the sprouts with the ferocity of a weed-whacker. This afternoon, he took a nibble but wasn't that interested.

The vet we saw on Friday had told us to call on Monday if we had any questions or if we didn't think Pumpkin could make it until his Tuesday appointment. So we called the animal hospital and said that we could bring our poor kitty in for an anti-emetic shot and a check of his butt.

We brought him into the exam room. We could tell that he couldn't get in a comfortable position in the carrier, and he squirted pee out the carrier side and onto the exam table. Dr. S. (not the vet we saw Friday, but the vet who gave us the initial diagnosis in December 2011) came in and talked to us about quality of life, etc. Then he left us in the room to talk for a few minutes. We let Pumpkin wobble around and he peed on the floor before flopping down with his eyes moving back and forth quickly, almost like REM sleep, but his lids still open. Poor little guy was so tired.

Yep, there was really no point to keeping Pumpkin here for another day. He just had too many problems with too many major organs.

After I signed the paperwork, we let him walk around the exam room one more time. He rubbed his face on things, as best he could, and just before the vet came back into the room, he jumped back into his carrier as if to say, "It's time to go home!" Not that kind of home, little Pumpkin. Not that kind.

I started to cry.

The vet tech put Pumpkin on a clean towel on the exam table. Pumpkin growled and hissed at the sedative injection. Then the vet and his assistant left to give me and the boy toy a few last moments with our Pumpie. I picked him up with the towel wrapped around him (because he was kind of wet from the pee) and I held him in my arms one more time. He let out a couple of yowls of protest one more time, because he really, really didn't like being held like that. But I wanted to cuddle him and feel his little body. We put him back on the table and noticed that he was nice and relaxed and "out of it," so we rubbed his white tummy without being afraid that he was going to bite us out of overstimulation.

I didn't want to stay for the lethal injection. I'm sure that the last thing Pumpkin heard was our voices. The vet let us leave by the side door so we didn't have to see other people's happy, healthy pets (and the other people didn't have to see me as a big, sobbing mess).

I'm not sure if Julia realizes yet what happened to Pumpkin. She seems to be enjoying the sprouty sprouts, though.

Poor Pumpkin. He had a hard life before he became an indoor kitty and never really learned how to show cat-type affection. He drew the short stick when it came to bodies. May his spirit now bask in the sun forever.
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Two strange humans came in the house today!!! They had voices like Mommy, but they were NOT Mommy, and I did not like them, so I hid under the bed. The only humans I like are Mommy and Daddy!! They are MY servants!! I heard one of the strange humans talking to that stupid cat Pumpkin like he was cute or something. Yuck.

When I came out from under the bed, the lights in the house seemed brighter. Mommy said something about "free energy-saving light bulbs from Pepco." I don't know what that means!! Do light bulbs taste like chicken?
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Just catching up here...

Last Friday I took Julia to the vet for a summer shave. I had to get up early, before the cats were fed according to Pumpkin's diabetes schedule. Julia tried to claw her way out of the carrier on the way up. I think she figured she was going to That Place. :-P

Fortunately, she behaved well enough during the actual shave that she didn't need to be sedated, which would have been a lot more expense for me.

Now Julia looks like two separate cats stuck together. Her head and her neck ruff are the same, but she has a really skinny little body. She has little white booties around her ankles and a big poof at the end of her gray tail. She looks like some sort of fantastic heraldic beast. Maybe I ought to post a photo of her to the Atlantian heralds' list and ask folks to blazon it. :-D

Julia hasn't changed her behavior much since the shave. I think she was just glad to come home the same day.

Surprisingly, Pumpkin didn't seem to gloat over the fact that he was the only cat in the house for a few hours. He mostly slept except for his medication and feeding.

I know that two people on my friends' list have seen their cats cross the Rainbow Bridge this past week, and a third person has a cat who seems to be quite ill. I'm sorry for imposing these mundane details of cathood on you.
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My servants played a TRICK on me today!

Last night Mommy took Pumpkin's box out of the "spare room" and put it in the living room. I *thought* that meant that Mommy was going to take Pumpkin away because of his DIE-uh-BEE-tees. But all of a sudden Daddy grabbed ME and put ME in the box!! I could see him but I couldn't get out, and then Mommy and Daddy took me outside! I told them in no uncertain terms that I did NOT like this, but I don't think they understood me. Why is it that when Mommy and Daddy make noises at each other with their mouths, they seem to understand each other, but when I make noise with my mouth, they NEVER understand me? Not fair!

Mommy and Daddy and I all got inside another box that shook and vibrated, and then they took me out and brought me to a big room. I could hear dogs barking somewhere. *shudder* Then we went into a little room and Daddy let me out of the box. I walked around and sniffed everything. I could smell that lots of dogs and cats and people had been there. I let Mommy pick me up, but then I wiggled onto Daddy's lap and let him give me lots of lovies. Then I jumped down so I could sit under Daddy's chair and feel safe there.

Then a female human came in the room and picked me up and put me on the table. Then Daddy grabbed me and that human stuck something up my butt!!! I did NOT like that at all!!! The female said that my "temperature is normal," whatever THAT means.

Then Mommy, Daddy and I waited around in the room for a while, and then a male human came in the room. I think Mommy and Daddy already knew him, because they called him "Doctor." He felt me up with his hands and put this metal thing on me and then he stuck me with a couple of needles. I don't like needles! And THEN the female human put me back in the little box that smells like Pumpkin, and Mommy and Daddy just sat there talking to Doctor about Pumpkin. On and on and on, talking about PUMPKIN and not MY beauty and MY perfection.

I was SO happy when Mommy and Daddy took me home and Mommy gave me up a couple of tasty treats. I hate it when my routine is messed up! I hope that never happens to me again!
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Yesterday Mommy got up REAL EARLY! I was happy because she might feed ME earlier. She USED to feed me and that Pumpkin cat right when she got up in the morning (well, after using the "human litter box"). But lately she said that we cats have to be on a "schedule" because Pumpkin has something called DIE-uh-BEE-tees. I don't know what that means. Is he going to die? Sometimes he calls me such mean names, I wish he would die! I am perfect all the time!

So I was running around the living room all excited, because I thought Mommy was going to feed us! But instead, Mommy put Pumpkin in the thing with wheels, and took him outside. Then she came back ... and the thing with wheels was EMPTY!! No Pumpkin! What happened to Pumpkin? Then Mommy fed me my tasty food, but I was all alone!

So I sat in front of the window all by myself. Mommy said I was sitting on something called "Daddy's coat." It smelled a little like Daddy and it also smelled like me because I like to sit on it.

When the window got dark Mommy left me with Daddy and went somewhere. When she came back, Pumpkin was in the thing with wheels again! I don't know where he went all day, but he came back. Mommy told Daddy he had a "glucose curve," but I don't know what that means.

All I know is that the thing with wheels smelled like Pumpkin, so I jumped in it and tried to make it smell like ME. I was hoping Mommy would take ME somewhere, but she didn't. I guess I need a "glucose curve," whatever THAT is!
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Yesterday Mommy and Daddy took Pumpkin somewhere! I was HOPING that they were taking him to stay somewhere else, because he always hisses at me! But then Mommy and Daddy came back with him. :-( They said words like "vet" and "blood test" and "medications." I know the last time I went to a "vet," I fell asleep and woke up to find my tummy all shaved and ouchy!

This morning, before Mommy put the food in our bowls, she picked up Pumpkin and put him on the counter and squirted something down his throat!!! He jumped off the counter and hissed up a storm!! I ran away because I didn't want Mommy to squirt anything down MY throat! I am a GOOD GIRL!!! But Mommy didn't squirt me. Yay!!!

Mommy and Daddy said Pumpkin has a "sore mouth." Well, of COURSE he has a bad mouth!!! He is ALWAYS calling me #@!%&***$%!!!!!
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Did I ever mention that Julia likes to sit and look out the window even late at night? Well, she does. And when she spies another cat outside, she really goes ballistic.

One cat that strolls around the neighborhood is a black and gray striped tabby. A woman in my complex likes to take a walk around the time of the late TV news, and the cat will accompany her, not on a leash. In addition, there's a chubby black cat that the boy toy sees sometimes when he goes out for a smoke. He calls her "the ghost of Kiki," referring to my fat black cat who died in April 2007.

Last night I was trying to get to sleep with the bedroom door closed (because the boy toy always stays up later than I do). First Pumpkin pushed the door open so that he could come in and sit on my desk chair. So I got up and closed the door. I went back to bed and tried to relax with some soft music playing on the boom box.

I was right on the verge of falling asleep when, BOOM, the bedroom door blew open again. I got up and wondered why it happened, because I didn't see any living being near the door. So I shut the door and went back to bed.

Next thing I knew, I heard a scrabble-scrabble-scrabble on the metallic window blinds and saw, even in the dark, a vigorous side-swishing of a bushy tail. Sure enough, the ghost of Kiki was on the prowl, and Julia was sounding the alarm (in kitty language): "Red Alert! Intruder! Red Alert!"

I guess the black cat must have walked away, because she eventually stopped swishing, jumped on the bed, walked on me and up against me, and then hopped off. A few minutes later, I heard scratching on this side of the bedroom door, so I opened it and Julia ran down the hall -- after all, the bedroom smells like Pumpkin's territory.

And then I finally fell asleep, about an hour after I went to bed.
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The people who gave me Pumpkin in 2008 also gave me his fake-leopard-fur cat bed. They swore that he loved that bed. However, once he got into this house, he never sat in the thing. Eventually Julia came here, and she just took over that bed. She loves to curl up in it, especially now that it's in the bay window.

Well, today I happened to walk by the window, and whom did I spy ensconced in the cat bed? Pumpkin! (Julia was off exploring the spare bedroom, where I was doing some excavating.)

I don't think Julia noticed that her bed was occupied ... but if Pumpkin keeps doing that ... the fur is going to FLY!

In other news ... still having off-and-on dental pain. Hope I can go to the dentist next week. Tonight I am taking a look at Ravelry while the boy toy watches the USC football game on ESPN (so far, it doesn't look too good for the Trojans). I seem to look at Ravelry only every couple of months. I'd like to start on another small knitting project, but I haven't finalized any plans yet. In the meantime, I'll work on a kumihimo medallion cord for the Kingdom.
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Electricity was out here from 10 p.m. Saturday to 9:50 p.m. Sunday. And even then it wasn't a complete restoration of power -- only two of three phases. So my living room and half the kitchen have electricity. The rest of the condo does not. We have hot water but no A/C.

The boy toy had to manhandle the fridge out of its usual spot so that we could plug it into a live outlet. Of course, now it's blocking the dishwasher. *sigh* Still, I didn't lose all the food I bought on Friday.

This morning we had to drag the DSL router out of my bedroom and set it up in the living room in order to get back on the Internet. Of course that meant unplugging the cordless phone. Now the only working phone is in the kitchen ... also behind the dishwasher. *sigh*

At least it's not too hot outside. The cats have been basking in the open windows.

And at least there is fighter/dance/music practice tonight.

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