Apr. 14th, 2017 10:51 pm
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I *finally* accepted the evil new LJ TOS today. Just because I wanted to check in on those friends who (a) haven't left LJ and (b) friends-lock their posts. (If you look at LJ in a browser in which you are not logged in to LJ, you can see the public friends' posts on your feed.)

Still haven't figured out whether I will delete the LJ or just stop posting there eventually. We shall see. In the meantime, if you're reading this on LJ and want to see the two most recent things I wrote, go here and here.
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I still can't crosspost to LJ because I still haven't accepted the new, evil TOS. I suppose I'll have to, eventually. But I have so much else to do this week.

I started my LJ in July 2003 and began this DW blog in March 2010. My crossposting between the two platforms was a bit spotty at first, and occasionally I posted to only one or the other because I was focusing whatever I was saying on someone who was on just one site. Since March 2010, though, I suspect that 99 percent of the content is crossposted.

If I start importing my LJ to DW, will the previously crossposted posts made after March 2010 be duplicated in DW, so that I have two copies of every post from 2010 on? How does the importing function handle entries that might be slightly different from DW to LJ? Would it be better to simply start a new DW account -- "luscious_archive," let's say -- and import the whole LJ shebang into it, and leave it as a record of my LJ activity?

I never did get lj_book to work at all. I'd like to back up my LJ as PDF copies of each entry on my external hard drive, but dang, that is one repetitive, lengthy, boring chore. And I don't have time for that chore. I have a feature article due early next week and a job interview on Thursday afternoon (at a place where I've already been turned down for three jobs over the last few years, but oh well), and I have very little money and I desperately need the cash from the writing job, and yeah, stress stress stress. Plus, I need to do some budget stuff for church, and oh, yeah, the congregation's search for a new settled minister is going to take just a bit longer because none of the candidates we wanted actually wanted us. *sigh*

Plus, I hear that DW's import function is swamped because of the latest LJ crisis. So, yeah, I'm not going to deal with it this week.
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Somebody wrote this celebration of LiveJournal that sums up a lot of my feelings about LJ and DW. I don't mind FB, but sometimes there are just things that need to be said without being attached to a legal name that can be Googled by prospective employers.

I've been meaning to write a long post about relationships (the romantic or not-so-romantic kind) on LJ/DW, but I need to make some headway on my writing-for-pay first.
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Gee, why did all that unsalted butter disappear from my fridge? And why is my kitchen full of freshly baked cookies? I think the boy toy had something to do with it.... :-)

I am continuing to play with my tablet. I posted a "test post" to DW with the ElJay app, but it didn't get cross-posted to LJ. I shall have to practice cross-posting before next week. And if I can't cross-post, well, I'll try to make everything public and folks from one journal might temporarily have to check the other journal. I'm not going to make huge LJ/DW posts from the tablet, either. Just saying.
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Who knows, maybe I can get a post in every day this month? Or at least this week?

My skin seems to be less itchy today. Thank goodness.

It still is REALLY quiet in LJ/DW land. Where did everybody go? Well, at least [personal profile] pearl posted some links for safekeeping! Thanks!

Now, back to work...
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Sixty-five years ago this morning, the granddaughter of French Canadian immigrants and the son of Lithuanian immigrants got married ... and they eventually became my parents.

Ten years ago today, I started a LiveJournal. Wow, it's been quite the ride. I was following a new friend onto LJ. Since then I've made lots of new friends, reconnected with an old friend from my Massachusetts days (by literally recognizing her face in an icon in the "fortysomething" community), got involved in the SCA (on the suggestion of said new friend, who proposed that I get involved in Markland, except I couldn't figure out how to do that), made even MORE new friends. Never mind gaining and losing a couple of jobs along the way, although at least I got to go to Hawaii for free. :-)

Yep, I've had quite a few adventures in the past decade, and LJ has been heavily intertwined in most all of them. Since LJ has had its issues over time, and now seems to be a shadow of its former self, I started this mirror account at DW a few years back. I suppose I should start using LJ Book to back the whole darned thing up just in case the Russian overlords pull the plug. Hey, we've seen other 'net ecosystems go away: GreatestJournal, Geocities, Posterous....

I wonder where the next decade will take me? And how will I chronicle it?
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... from DW to LJ.

Test post

Oct. 31st, 2011 07:45 pm
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The last couple of DW entries did not cross-post the way they should have. Let's see if the problem has been fixed.
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Happy Birthday, [personal profile] wookiemonster! Have a purr-fect year!

(Let's see if this cross-posts to both journals ... first time I've tried to do this in a while.)
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I just tried to make a short LJ post pointing people over here, and it wouldn't go through. So I'm not even going to try to cross-post this message.

I caught a glimpse of my LJ friends' page, but before I could truly read any of the posts on it, it was wiped out by a "connection to the server was lost while the page was loading" message (or something like that).


Here I am

Jul. 27th, 2011 12:36 pm
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I don't know if this will post to LJ. Who knows. This DDoS attack on LJ has to do with Russian politics, and it's a bit annoying to have to be inconvenienced by that country's political hassles when my OWN country is going to hell in a handbasket. (I'm talking about the debt-limit crisis here, of course ... you can find all the depressing news about it on your own ... too many articles and editorials to link here.)

I need to get back to work on my short freelance article, which is due today, and then the longer freelance article. I just wanted to make a quick post here to let everybody know that I'm still here, and to strongly suggest that everyone who has not already done so head on over to http://dw-codesharing.dreamwidth.org and pick up an invite code. (Or send me an e-mail, as I think I have a few of my own that I've not posted.)

I'm not suggesting that we all abandon LJ, but it's nice to have a non-Facebook place to post when LJ has problems for several days in a row. DW has only about 10 percent of LJ's user base, and it's not based in Russia, so I don't the Russian bad guys care about it as much. And it won't demand your real name like Google+. :-)

Please let me know if you're duplicating your LJ self on DW and I'll put you on my reading list, OK?
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... is over at this location on LiveJournal. Sorry, but it just had too many "lj users" in it to bother with the DW/LJ coding changes. The LJ post should be open to all, so enjoy!
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I know a couple of you have mentioned the lack of LJ notifications. I just saw this entry about them:


FWIW, I have one of those AOL accounts that everyone loves to hate, and I still get my LJ (and DW) notifications.
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I have discovered that the SCA Inc. Board of Directors is having a "Meet the Board" session at exactly the same time as the second of my two Grunwald classes. Gaah, what are the chances that everyone will want to go vent their various frustrations on how the SCA is run instead of listening to my spiel about a magnificent battle 600 years ago?

* * * *

Since I'm cross-posting this to both LJ and Dreamwidth, I would just like to say to DW people that I'm sorry for neglecting you for more than a week. I was following last week's Pennsic University storm, which was raging on LJ and a few other places. Go to the SCA community on LJ if you are curious.
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I was reading this Dan Kennedy essay about freedom of speech in Kazakhstan. (Dan Kennedy is a Northeastern University journalism professor and is very interested in new media.)

The young Kazakh journalist whom he recently interviewed said that LiveJournal has been blocked in Kazakhstan for over a year now. Is Dreamwidth similarly blocked? I'm just wondering ... maybe Dreamwidth would be small enough that it would fly under the radar screens of the governmental Internet censors?
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This is a test crosspost from DW to LJ. Does LJ allow "from LJ to DW" crossposting? Just wondering.
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What to do next? Who's around here?

Edited (for practice) to add: I am the same person as [identity profile] luscious-purple.livejournal.com or [livejournal.com profile] luscious_purple. I just haven't decided what to do with this account yet. But at least I got the username before someone else could snag it.

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