Nov. 12th, 2015 11:40 pm
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When it comes to the four classical elements, I'm all about earth, air and fire. Not so much water.

When I was a kid, I *hated* getting water up my nose with a passion. So I developed something of a phobia about it. I never got the hang of rhythmic breathing no matter how many swim classes I took at the municipal pool and Girl Scout camp. By my last year of Girl Scout camp, I was the *only* girl in my unit still at the Advanced Beginner level. Everyone else was at least an Intermediate. True, I had the Advanced Beginner counselor all to myself, but I'll bet that she would have rather had the time slot to herself.

Anyway, I'd lived here in Maryland for many years without setting foot in my current community's municipal pool, but I'm glad I've started taking water aerobics classes there. I don't have to put my face in the water, but I still get some exercise.

The secret: a flotation belt that straps around the waist. (OK, so it rides up a bit during the class.) You get into the deep end of the pool and you are just suspended there like an astronaut training for an EVA in a neutral-buoyancy tank. No weight on your feet, no pounding on your knees, but you can get lots of great abdominal exercise by lifting your legs.

Some days, like today, I haven't felt like exercising, but then I drag myself to the pool, and afterwards I feel better and I'm glad I've done it. After all these years, I guess I've become a pool rat!
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Choices, choices!

I wish I could go to Baltimore for the 7 p.m. astronomy lecture at Space Telescope Science Institute. I adore hearing about new astronomical instrumentation! And I might even run into a friend from Massachusetts!

But my body desperately needs the water aerobics class at my town's indoor pool from 6 to 7 p.m. I haven't been to a class there for about six weeks, thanks to the major renovations at the indoor pool.

Can't do both. The pool and the institute are at opposite ends of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, which always gets jammed up at rush hour.

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Lately I've been trying to get some exercise two or three times a week. That may not sound like much, but I tend to be a sedentary person, and working at home does not exactly encourage me to get out and move my butt.

The convergence of a few different things, however, has gotten me up and about. I started reading the Single Dad Laughing blog, in which the author wrote about losing enough weight and improving his health enough to lead Tough Mudder teams three times. (He's got a whole group on Facebook called "The Single Dad Laughing Health Club," which is full of positive encouragement.) Then Master Liam, a mostly online friend from the SCA's East Kingdom, had to miss Pennsic because he landed in the hospital with pneumonia ... and heart failure. Liam is my age; in our junior year of high school, his high school and my high school did a band and chorus exchange, so technically he's the first SCAdian I ever met, even though we have no memory of interacting with each other. Still ... my mother died of a combination of COPD and heart failure, so to hear of it in someone my age is ... scary. Plus, the August/September "birthday season" in my family of origin reminds me of those who have gone before me -- and the average age at death of my parents' generation is something like 67. So that means I have only about 11 years to go before my body poops out. Needless to say, I'd like to have more years than that.

Earlier this year I did a few yoga classes at a studio some 20 or miles or so from here -- I had gotten a gift certificate in the church auction last fall and had to use it up before it expired. I enjoyed the place and its instructors, but the drive, which took me past No Such Agency at evening rush hour, left something to be desired. Why get all stressed out on the way to my relaxation??? So I started doing twice-weekly deep-water aerobics at the local municipal pool complex. I enjoyed the classes and always felt great afterward.

The summer classes were all held in the indoor pool. Normally, the outdoor pool is closed after Labor Day. However, the indoor pool needed a completely new roof, so the outdoor pool has been staying open through September. Yeah, it was definitely a bit chillier than indoors, plus no hot tub afterward, but I still got some good exercise the last couple of weeks. Class attendance was dropping off, though, so this week the instructors threw in the towel (figuratively) and called off the classes.

So this afternoon I made myself do a *brisk* walk around the neighborhood lake, and when I passed each of the 10 or so position markers on the trail, I made myself jog about 25 steps before going back to walking. I wasn't sure how my knees were going to take that, but I'm not in pain so far. Yay! Maybe I'm not as decrepit as I think I am!
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So, now that I have recovered from my cold (except for some residual clearing-out of phlegm and other mucus), the boy toy has come down with the virus. So he's lounging around today and I cooked him pancakes and sausage for brunch (instead of him cooking for me).

Somebody please tell the natural world out there that it's supposed to be spring?!
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Who knows, maybe I can get a post in every day this month? Or at least this week?

My skin seems to be less itchy today. Thank goodness.

It still is REALLY quiet in LJ/DW land. Where did everybody go? Well, at least [personal profile] pearl posted some links for safekeeping! Thanks!

Now, back to work...
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Last night I think I had what is known as a "sinus headache" -- a dull ache behind my face. Kept me awake, tossing and turning, for hours and hours. Finally I realized that the acetaminophen in the cold-and-flu medicine wasn't doing anything for me, so I took some ibuprofen and that FINALLY got rid of the pain around 5 a.m. At LAST I got some sleep -- with some really intense dreams about driving an ancient old station wagon with mushy brakes -- and rolled out of bed around 3:30 p.m.

At the store I sprung for some Advil Cold & Sinus with the REAL pseudophedrine, not the fake OTC stuff that doesn't do anything. We'll see what happens with this medication.

I really hope to be OK for tomorrow. Just don't hug or kiss me (yeah, I know that takes all the fun out of cons...).
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This morning I woke up with a minor sore throat, and my throat still feels a bit scratchy, so I'm not sure if I'm coming down with a cold. Geez, I really hope NOT. It's like summer out there in terms of heat and humidity, and we're coming up on a holiday weekend. I want to have fun, not feel like dog feces.

I have been planning on going to Balticon for Saturday only, and then spending Sunday and Monday at home, pecking away on the decluttering project. At least I will catch CZ's party on Saturday night, and Patches' medieval dance lessons, and (I hope) some other programming.

I thought of the "Saturday only" strategy to save money. If I make three round trips between home and Hunt Valley, that's 300 miles total, or a tank of expensive gasoline. Plus, that's a lot of time on the road. OTOH, registration for Saturday only is still $43 versus $62 for the whole con. Geez, the next time people tell me how expensive SCA events are, I'm going to start screaming or something.

I don't know what to do -- if I am truly sick by Saturday morning, I wonder whether I should bother to go at all, as I don't want to give the cold virus to everyone else. But I want to spend at least one day of the weekend with friends. Blah.


Oct. 5th, 2010 09:03 am
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Ugh, I hab cub down wid a code in by nose. First tibe I hab a code in baybe 2 years or bore.

*reaches for another Kleenex*
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One quick bit of ranting here: I itch. Mostly on my legs, especially the ankles; a bit on the hands and arms. Damn mosquitoes! Damn all the skeeters!

Why is it that I *never* get bitten by mosquitoes at Pennsic? Granted, I camp on the north side of the Serengeti, but there's a small stream nearby (or at least a ditch that can hold water). Do the Coopers soak the site with pesticides just before War begins, or what?

Question: Would Benadryl pills (or their generic equivalent) help me stop itching at night? I can't take Benadryl during the day because I would fall asleep at my desk (literally). But I don't want to keep waking up in the middle of the night to scratch and to slather myself with more anti-itch gel. *sigh*
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Lately I have been wondering why my dentist hasn't been advertising in the local weekly newspaper. His practice isn't a fly-by-night operation; his father AND his grandfather were dentists working out of the same building for at least the past 60 years. Talk about having "roots in the community." He and his brothers (also dentists) have been taking out a half-page ad in the paper for years and years. So why was the ad missing?

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail. It says in part:

As many of you know, we experienced a great deal of water damage at our [name of city] dental office during the snow in February. Half of our office was affected as a result. ... The great news is that we are fully insured, and we received the go-ahead permission to make repairs! ... We are committed to meeting the ongoing dental needs of our patients during this time of remodeling and we expect to be back to full strength soon.

OK, at least they didn't abandon us for Bethesda or McLean.

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