Nov. 16th, 2015 11:23 pm
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Today, when I submitted my invoice for my most recent feature article, I officially passed the total amount of money I earned through freelance writing in 2014. That may not sound bad considering that we still have more than six weeks left in the year. However, it's not saying much. I'm still pretty low-income, although by the cramped U.S. poverty standards that have not been adjusted for inflation in many years, I'm positively rolling in the dough.

I have a Typepad blog for ranting about income inequality, the "gig economy," and similar topics, but I hardly ever post to it. Just annotating the articles I come across in the Internet puts me in a depressed mood. And when I'm depressed, it becomes even harder for me to do the good stuff, like applying for jobs or seeking out new freelance clients. At least I save the articles on those topics to my Evernote account for future reference.

I could go on and on about politics in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, including the detestable reaction of these governors (mostly Republicans) who don't want "those" refugees. I'm glad Maryland's Larry Hogan isn't (yet) one of them. Perhaps a few rounds of aggressive chemotherapy while in his first year as governor have given him a new insight on humanity. Let's hope.
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I didn't realize until Thursday was upon us that October 29th is National Cat Day. The previous day, I had bought Julia a second cardboard scratch pad so that she will have one at each end of the condo. She still uses the one in the living room, but she had taken to sharpening her claws on the bedroom carpet. I can't afford to replace the wall-to-wall carpeting in the biggest room in the condo, so I got the new cardboard pad, and she has been happily using it since.

However, on Friday morning I could see that there had been an overnight explosion of feline energy on the sill of the bay window, which serves as Cat Central. The cat bed had been kicked several feet in one direction and the bowls had been pushed onto the floor in the other direction, and one of them was broken. Naturally Julia could not get to the leftovers of her evening meal because they were under the overturned and busted dishes, so she was loudly meowing for her breakfast, but otherwise not copping to anything. I suspect that some wandering outdoor cat had taunted the heck out of her and she had responded by vigorously defending her territory. Silly beast!

Anyhow ... my car has been in the shop this weekend. Brakes got all mushy on Thursday, and adding brake fluid didn't fix the problem. Obviously I'm not happy about the additional demand on my dwindling dollars.

I think I'll do NaBloPoMo this year. Not NaNoWriMo -- I just don't want to chase after the chimera of a 50,000-word novel so bad it'll never get published. My next nonfiction feature article is due a week from tomorrow, and making money from that and other things has to be Job One for me.

I have two other blogs: my professional blog on Wordpress and my SCA blog. But I'll enter this one (at least the LJ version), because realistically it's the one I'm most likely to update daily. Who knows, maybe I'll make a few new friends/followers again.
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So last week I started reading the Single Dad Laughing blog. And I just can't stop reading it.

I'm obviously neither a parent nor a man. Duh. But he writes for human beings, and he is just an awesome writer.

I stumbled upon the blog early last week when the "lesson of the saggy burrito" went viral on Facebook. As a woman who had to deal with this sort of thing for forty years, I still cannot reread it without laughing.

So I started exploring the archives, because the blog didn't seem to be totally about parenting. Oh, yeah, it is mentioned. But there is so much else. (And we non-parents can still learn something from the perspective of parents, can't we?)

I found other entries that made me laugh, but others that brought tears to my eyes, and still others that made me cringe in painful recognition of my own foibles. This Dan guy is an amazing writer. And he also knows all the blog-publishing tricks too, to keep the modern, Web-trained reader coming back. Tricks that go over the head of us old-fogy boomers. (He's only 35.) He has hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook ... books and apps ... and I'm sitting at the computer and realizing that in many ways he's living the kind of life I'd like to be leading.

As if 2015 wasn't already the Year of the Great Smack Upside the Head....

It's getting late, so I'm just going to post a whole bunch of links to Single Dad Laughing entries that have touched me in some way (humor, humanity, raw feelings). In the coming days I'll try to explain what I'm feeling. But right now, here's a list, starting with one of those open-a-vein-and-write posts.















And now, don't you feel just awesome? (And don't you think I'm writing just like this guy? I am such an imitator. Bleah.)

Linky linky

Oct. 7th, 2013 11:21 pm
luscious_purple: Stop SOPA and PIPA (No SOPA)
Here's an interesting link I found on Facebook: Hey, douchebag, your pet bunny did NOT ruin your sex life.

Did you see the "Saturday Night Live" skit with Miley Cyrus playing Michele Bachmann in hot pants and some other guy playing a gyrating John Boehner? It's repulsive and hilarious at the same time.

OK, gotta get going....
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OK, I said earlier that there was too much stuff out there on the stupid debt-limit crisis (stupid because it doesn't HAVE to be a crisis!) to link to. But I have found a few pieces that particularly hit home with me. I shall post links with minimal commentary (because I have other stuff to do).

* Lessons from the U.S. Economy's Malaise (David Leonhardt's last piece on economics, as he is moving to another beat)

* One Way to Help the Jobless (though I'm not sure how much it will help)

* The Cult That Is Destroying America (not quite what you'd think)

* The Scorpion and the Frog (a pertinent fable)

* Are Progressives Losing the Larger Argument? (REALLY important to how I view this whole thing -- progressives are NOT being heard AT ALL.)

And, on a different subject, from Wired: Google+ Identity Crisis: What's at Stake with Real Names and Privacy.


Sep. 24th, 2010 05:42 pm
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I've created a Dreamwidth-specific feed at [syndicated profile] purple_posterous_feed for my Posterous blog, which contains the old stuff that I had on Vox.com, plus a few other new things. I still don't know exactly what I am going to use Posterous for, but but one of my college friends is using it as a blog in advance of a panel discussion she's going to lead at a future professional development conference.
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As I posted previously, Vox is going away (I suppose I should delete it from my LJ profile at the beginning of next month).

I decided to go ahead and export the Vox content to two different sources. One of them is on Posterous, specifically http://patoodle.posterous.com. I'm thinking of Posterous as kind of a catchall for unsorted digital stuff.

I also set up a TypePad account, but I'm still figuring out what to call the darned thing, so I am not "debuting" it yet.

More later -- gotta go to the church trustees' meeting.

Random bits

Sep. 5th, 2010 06:05 pm
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BU student falls to death at hotel. I guess this is why the screens were riveted onto the window frames at Warren Towers (the huge 18-story dorm there).

UMass-Amherst mired in second-tier status -- this is sad, and there is no excuse for it. I did what I could while I was still a Massachusetts resident.

Dammit, the Red Sox were ahead and they STILL managed to lose their third game in a row to the White Sox. *grumble* We're never going to get back into the wild-card race now....

Well, I guess I should go enjoy what's left of another gorgeous afternoon.

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