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Five things make a post....

1. My grad-school adviser has cancer and is not doing too well. This news comes from yesterday's email blast from the astronomy department chairman. Further correspondence with the chairman (who still remembers me) is that Mike (my adviser) is not quite up to visitors, but cards would be welcome. I have a hard time imagine Mike under the weather -- he is a tall force of nature, with a busy white beard that makes him look like a New England sea captain, and when he's not bashing human-made objects into comets, he goes sailing on the Chesapeake. Still, Wikipedia says he is now 76.

2. I may have some additional freelance assignments. Two offers of potential work landed in my inbox on May 9 within five minutes of each other. One was from a resume I sent in to a freelance-job ad back in January or February. I'd honestly forgotten about it.

3. My church has a candidate for the position of settled (permanent) minister. It was touch and go there for a while, and I was fervently hoping that we would not have to get another interim minister when our current interim's two-year contract ends next month. I don't know the name of the candidate yet, only that she has been referred to as "she." Fingers crossed that's she's great....

4. Don't know what to add about the fast-moving events surrounding the Giant Lying Russian Stooge and his cronies, except to state that I really want to compare the current timeline to that of the Watergate scandal. We're getting a special counsel very close to the 44th anniversary of the appointment of Archibald Cox, for what that's worth.

5. Lately I have been seeing puddles of plain water around the toilet. My current cat has no interest in the toilet bowl, so it's something else. As far as I can tell, the shut-off valve underneath the toilet is the source of the leak. The boy toy put an old pot under the valve to catch the water and then put green food coloring in the toilet tank. So far, the water that drips into the pot is crystal-clear, but since the boy toy pretty much dumped the entire bottle of green food coloring into the tank, the bowl keeps filling up with brilliant green water every time we flush. It's our space-alien toilet.
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Got my long and short articles "done," for some value of "done." I still have to add some stuff to the long article, but I wanted to rush the payment through because I have spent most of this month being flat broke, if not overdrawn, and I do NOT want the condo to go into foreclosure proceedings.

I had to wait until tonight to renew a couple of memberships in things important to me, such as the SCA and local science writers' group.

I had a WONDERFUL time at the SCA event this weekend, but I'm also running on severe lack of sleep, so I will have to go on about it at a future date -- less than two weeks from now, I hope.
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I still can't crosspost to LJ because I still haven't accepted the new, evil TOS. I suppose I'll have to, eventually. But I have so much else to do this week.

I started my LJ in July 2003 and began this DW blog in March 2010. My crossposting between the two platforms was a bit spotty at first, and occasionally I posted to only one or the other because I was focusing whatever I was saying on someone who was on just one site. Since March 2010, though, I suspect that 99 percent of the content is crossposted.

If I start importing my LJ to DW, will the previously crossposted posts made after March 2010 be duplicated in DW, so that I have two copies of every post from 2010 on? How does the importing function handle entries that might be slightly different from DW to LJ? Would it be better to simply start a new DW account -- "luscious_archive," let's say -- and import the whole LJ shebang into it, and leave it as a record of my LJ activity?

I never did get lj_book to work at all. I'd like to back up my LJ as PDF copies of each entry on my external hard drive, but dang, that is one repetitive, lengthy, boring chore. And I don't have time for that chore. I have a feature article due early next week and a job interview on Thursday afternoon (at a place where I've already been turned down for three jobs over the last few years, but oh well), and I have very little money and I desperately need the cash from the writing job, and yeah, stress stress stress. Plus, I need to do some budget stuff for church, and oh, yeah, the congregation's search for a new settled minister is going to take just a bit longer because none of the candidates we wanted actually wanted us. *sigh*

Plus, I hear that DW's import function is swamped because of the latest LJ crisis. So, yeah, I'm not going to deal with it this week.
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So, February. Poor little short month, robbed of its extra days (in most years) by those greedy Roman emperors.

In general, life is still good, except for the "lack of steady income" thing. Last week (two Mondays ago) I actually had a phone interview for an editing job at a software company in Beltsville. One of the other dancers in the Lithuanian dance group works there and said I should use her name. I *thought* it went well, but then late Friday afternoon I got one of those emails that said "thanks but no thanks, we went in a different direction." Wanna bet that that "direction" involves someone 20 years younger than yours truly?

What else happened this month? The boy toy and I checked out downtown Ellicott City to see how it is recovering from last year's disastrous flood, and we also went to Mount Vernon on Feb. 22, when admission was free. I even saw General Washington posing with kids and families. He looked pretty good for a 285-year-old. :-D :-D

Last week the boy toy and I finally got to see Rogue One. Probably we were among the last Americans to see it on the silver screen. But, hey, money had been tight for a while. And it will be again. It's amazing how fast I can blow through a big freelance paycheck -- when that involves catching up on the mortgage, utilities, and other bills.

Perhaps most wonderfully, I went to *two* SCA events: Bright Hills Baronial Birthday and Storvik Performers' Revel. I did some things that I haven't done for a while: at the former I shot three arrows (with borrowed equipment) and at the latter I played my bowed psaltery for a bit. Both events featured scrumptious feasts. I feel "back in the SCA" again, even though I obviously never left.

Speaking of the SCA, today I bought a twin bed -- for camping use -- at IKEA. I just happened to notice that today was the last day of a bed sale, and the cheapest, simplest wood bed frame was 15 percent off. Even with the slats, it's still cheaper than most of the heavyweight-capacity cots I've seen (yes, I am heavy). And it will fit inside Draco (the new-to-me car) if I put the back seat down and lay the side rails on the diagonal. FINALLY I will be up off the ground at long camping events!!!
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Everybody, it seems, is saying how terrible 2016 has been because of all the deaths of celebrities. Well, I personally know a fair number of people who have lost loved ones this year. Two friends lost their spouses within a week of each other. One of the bereaved friends was the only bride for whom I was a bridesmaid (most of my good friends either are perpetual singles or were already married when I met them). Also, I know two friends who lost adult children this year -- cruelest of all -- and then other people are fighting major health stuff, like cancer and complications from detached retinas.

Yeah, the happy glow from the big Lithuanian dance festival of midyear has kind of worn off, in no small part due to the Giant Lying Russian Stooge.

Oh, yeah, I am not going to Massachusetts for Christmas this year due to the ongoing car issue. I have paid for a very cheap 1993 Honda Accord, though I am still waiting for the thing to pass inspection so that I can drive it. I went cheap because I am borrowing money from friends in order to buy it. I hope I can get a year or two out of it.

Dammit, I am SO SICK and FUCKING TIRED of this "gig economy" shit and this "get the baby boomers out of the workforce" mentality. Unlike the Trumpkins, I am NOT mad at the government. The government actually has LAWS against age discrimination and against trying to claim workers as independent contractors when they should be employees. The former is just damned hard to prove/enforce and the latter is hard to track down.
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Yeah, I know, long time no post.

I had a long feature article to write, I felt all seized up from anxiety over the presidential election, so I went WAY over deadline, which meant that I got paid a lot less for my work... and my editor was pissed off... and then I got anxious over money....

And then I went through all the ups and downs of the near-end of the seemingly endless election cycle, and I went into my work as an election judge thinking that of *course* Hillary Clinton was going to squeak through. But the news looked bad as soon as I got home and I just couldn't fall asleep for the longest time, even though I'd been awake since 4:45 a.m., until I took cold medication (and I am not sick) to try to still my racing mind.

I had posted this on FB before going to bed:

Report from today: I awoke at 4:45 a.m. to get to work at a precinct in College Park. (I voted on Oct. 31.) I served as a provisional ballot judge. We were busiest, surprisingly, between 7 and 9 a.m., with an early crowd of people trying to get voting accomplished before the workday. Other than that, a steady stream but no big evening rush. Perhaps all those folks had voted early too (one of the local early-voting sites was elsewhere in College Park).

Before today, I had worried that idiots were going to harass the incredibly diverse voters of this precinct, but the only observer we had was from the Organization of American States. He was the former Peruvian ambassador to the U.S., and he bore an uncanny resemblance to Tim Kaine.
This precinct gave three times as many votes to Clinton-Kaine as to the Giant Lying Russian Stooge and Lord Voldemort. We did our part.

Even though CNN just called California for Secretary Clinton, I am feeling lots of loathing and disgust right now. Can you say "reverse Bradley effect"? I can't even imagine the suckage of another humongous recession. I am going to bed after I finish this one beer, but this may be the last news I watch for a long, long time.

Since the news, I have been in a dark place.

Facebook again, Wednesday afternoon:

(Adapted from a couple of comments I made on other pages.)

I admire everyone who is saying, "Yeah, folks, let's go out and fight for justice! Never give up!" However, some of us are in a very dark place emotionally and are not ready to do that yet. Some of us may never be ready for that, ever. I know that my grief and disgust are still too deep.

Since I have earned degrees in journalism, physics, and astronomy, I am feeling some professional as well as personal repudiation. There's nothing like living in a nation where a large chunk of the population believes that every journalist sucks and repudiates the science that both detected the global warming problem and could give us the tools to fix it.

The polls lulled us because so many people in this country are willing to lie about their own bigotry. I have lost a lot of my faith in the arc of the universe and the supposedly intrinsic goodness of humanity.

And finally in the evening:

On top of everything else ... I started heading out to the "gathering in community for worship, reflection and fellowship" at my church, and the steering on my 20-year-old car started acting really squirrelly. The car was pulling to the left, which grew noticeable at about 30 mph, and when I tried to correct it, the steering system felt all loose or something. I pulled into a parking lot and checked the tires -- no flats. Managed to drive home, but I have to get it looked at tomorrow. It could be something as simple as power steering fluid or as messed up as a bent tie rod or a busted axle. Just another episode in the ongoing saga of "The Ruination of Patty D[redacted]."

Still don't know what is wrong with my car. Still don't know whether I will ever work again. I *do* know that without an Affordable Care Act subsidy, my health insurance will cost $532 per month for my high-deductible plan. Right now I pay $70 per month. My mortgage is only about $594 per month.

I am still sad. I am angry. I am on a hair trigger.
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First off, a Happy Belated Birthday to Maugorn and Forestcats/Bridget.

This week was quite the reminder of our universal mortality. Not only did we pass the 19th anniversary of my mother's death and funeral (the 9th and the 13th, respectively), but also David Bowie and Alan Rickman. I wasn't as big a fan of David Bowie as I have been of several other artists, but still, his music was part of the soundtrack of my life, going back all the way to the time I first heard "Fame" on WRKO-AM Top 40 radio when I was in high school. As for Alan Rickman ... oh, I was just one of many, many women who swooned over him. Especially that voice. The perfect pairing of fine wine and chocolate. He also seemed like one of the few celebrities with whom I would actually like to have a meaningful conversation. Now I shall never get the chance. :-(

As far as other stuff goes ... The first half of the week, I felt pretty darn productive, but I've stumbled badly the second half of the week. Blame it on Alan Rickman, I guess. I've definitely set myself up for an intense three-day work weekend. Well, work plus a New England Patriots playoff game, Maugie's birthday party, and Lithuanian folk dance practice up in Baltimore. Oh, and a Finance Committee meeting on Sunday morning, bright and early before the church service. *sigh*
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Less than 48 hours till my "Facebook jail" expires! Yay!

I've spent a good part of the last two days corralling photos and diagrams for the feature article I finished writing a month ago. For the opening spread I was trying to find a specific kind of image showing the brilliant lights of Manhattan at night during the Roaring Twenties (this is a historical article). I finally found one of Times Square through the Library of Congress website, but I'm not sure if it's high-resolution enough for reproduction in a glossy magazine. We shall see.

When it comes to the vortex of smelly vomitus that issues forth from the mouth of Donald Trump, conventional words fail me. I will be so incredibly glad when he falls out of public view.


Nov. 16th, 2015 11:23 pm
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Today, when I submitted my invoice for my most recent feature article, I officially passed the total amount of money I earned through freelance writing in 2014. That may not sound bad considering that we still have more than six weeks left in the year. However, it's not saying much. I'm still pretty low-income, although by the cramped U.S. poverty standards that have not been adjusted for inflation in many years, I'm positively rolling in the dough.

I have a Typepad blog for ranting about income inequality, the "gig economy," and similar topics, but I hardly ever post to it. Just annotating the articles I come across in the Internet puts me in a depressed mood. And when I'm depressed, it becomes even harder for me to do the good stuff, like applying for jobs or seeking out new freelance clients. At least I save the articles on those topics to my Evernote account for future reference.

I could go on and on about politics in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, including the detestable reaction of these governors (mostly Republicans) who don't want "those" refugees. I'm glad Maryland's Larry Hogan isn't (yet) one of them. Perhaps a few rounds of aggressive chemotherapy while in his first year as governor have given him a new insight on humanity. Let's hope.
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Back when I had a job -- five years ago, now -- my employer had this thing where, as part of the annual review process, we would list our goals for the coming year. Some ordinary, achievable goals, and then some "stretch goals" that would be a bit more difficult to reach. Somehow, all these individual goals would get mushed together into group goals, and then departmental goals, and then one year later, we'd all sit down and calculate how much was actually achieved. And if we had collectively achieved a certain percentage of these goals, everyone in the organization would get the same amount of year-end bonus, regardless of our rank or salary.

Gee, did I ever mention how much I've missed getting a chunk of change, like $900 to $1200, dropped into my bank account during the first week of December?

However, I digress. Now that it's getting dark earlier in the evenings and the local community college has sent out its winter catalog of non-credit classes, it's time to think about what to do next.

Yes, I am a freelance science writer. I'm not giving that up. Indeed, I am working on a historical feature article due next Monday. But it's NOT enough to pay the bills. Yes, I have been applying for full-time jobs for five years now. No, I am not going to get hired. Not only do I have a five-year gap in my resume -- because freelancing isn't a "real" job -- but also my first name, Patricia, just screams "Born in the 1950s!!!!" In person, I don't look 56 years old, but on paper I seem to be in my 60s, no matter how much I chop off the bottom end of my chronological resume.

I keep thinking that, as a hedge against declining opportunities (and pay) in science writing, I should do something else in addition to science writing. You know how you sometimes see an author described as "a writer, yoga instructor, blues musician and adjunct professor of aerospace engineering"? Yeah, that sort of thing. (Never mind that I suck at yoga, teaching, and building paper airplanes.) Right now my resume says writing, writing, writing (and a bit of editing). But I know that I can do so much more.

But what?

Whatever I choose, it's got to be something I can pick up with a minimum of additional education and cash outlay. I have two bachelor's degrees and a master's degree. I do NOT need another academic degree. I cannot afford one, anyhow.

Take a couple continuing-ed courses and become a notary public?

Do the lessons on

Buy out Mistress Martelle's equipment and supplies for making things with beeswax? (She's selling them to focus on fiber arts.)

Write that book based on my diaries of the 1970s?

Start some sort of podcast and try to find a corporate sponsor?

All of the above?
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Busy, busy, busy. This week I have to do some edits to the feature article I finished before Christmas; write a short article on a scientific conference at the other end of the county; work on a much longer feature article (not the one that I finished before Christmas); finish the Ottoman jacket for Twelfth Night; make the accessories for the Twelfth Night ensemble; buy food to bribe the heralds into helping me at the Twelfth Night consult table; prepare all the other stuff I need for the consult table; pack up the car and actually GO to Twelfth Night. Which should be really fun. But still.

For me, January is filled with anniversaries, and not all of them are pleasant. But I *am* quite happy that this past Friday (the 3rd) was the exact 10th anniversary of my very first SCA event, the Storvik Yule Revel. I continue to give thanks for all the wonderful people and experiences that the SCA has brought into my life. I only wish that some of them, like Dom Pedro and Sir Gauss, were still with us.

(P.S. I seem to be having issues with LJ at the moment, but you can use the archive function there to explore what I wrote back in January 2004, if you're really curious.)
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So, the holidays are in full swing around here. Last night was the annual "holiday gala" held by my local professional group. About 150 people showed up at the social event, which was at a small science museum near the Judiciary Square Metro. I had a great time checking in with my professional friends and acquaintances, and meeting a few new faces too. The food was decent and the open bar (for beer and wine) did not hurt, either. This wasn't the most unusual venue for the annual gala, but I was there to see the people more than the exhibits, anyhow.

(I seem to recall that last year was the first time since 1995 that I had NOT gone to the holiday gala, but now I cannot remember why I missed it. Perhaps I missed the deadline for reservations? Perhaps I was running out of money? Perhaps I was just in a funk over the deaths of a couple of people I knew? I certainly didn't bother to write it down in LJ/DW at the time.)

And, of course, there was one person in my professional group whom I knew in advance I wasn't going to see. Dammit, Pedro.

And this evening I went to a "happy hour" gathering to celebrate the successful launch, last week, of the Big Project at the Very Prestigious Institution. The one of which I was a small but necessary part. I had a great time catching up with people whom I hadn't seen since August. It was just so gratifying to be remembered and welcomed. (And, gee, it would be nice to get another contract to work there!)

I have also been playing with the new Android tablet, which I have named Tonks because the back side of the tablet is bright pink. (Tonks, if you read the Harry Potter books, was the young, punky witch whose hair turned different colors, including pink and purple.) I've downloaded both the official LJ app and the "ElJay" app, which apparently allows cross-posting among the journals with the same basic code. I suppose I shall try them out if I carry out my plan next week to bring just the tablet, not the laptop, with me on my annual journey to Massachusetts. However, in that case, don't expect me to write long posts. After touch-typing my entire adult life, going back to tapping out one letter at a time, one finger at a time, on a virtual keyboard feels a bit like carving hieroglyphics in stone. Hmm, maybe that's one reason why this device is called a "tablet." :-P

H.B. Update

Oct. 6th, 2013 11:43 pm
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Happy Birthday to Weebaby and Montuos!!

And now I must go back to my arduous writing... this article is SO not working out the way I originally outlined it.
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Today I actually went digital with a small "d" (as opposed to the former Digital Equipment Corp., which seemed to be oh-so-important when I was growing up in Massachusetts during the 1970s). Today was FiOS installation day.

The technician was a personable young man with an unusual first name (Dontois, I think). The boy toy offered him a tall glass of ice water. When clearing out the top shelf of the closet near the front door so that the tech could run the new cable through the exterior wall, the boy toy found a box of his belongings that he forgot he'd stored years ago. He bestowed upon me a copy of a reference book on medieval folklore that includes Baltic and Slavic lore as well as the usual European stuff. Joy!

The Internet and TV stuff started right up when the switch was flipped on. The technician had to fuss around a bit to get a dial tone on the phone, but that seemed to be an issue with this model of cordless phone. (Around dinnertime R. called and talked to me for almost three-quarters of an hour, so, yeah, I have phone service.)

Before the technician showed up, I watched a short YouTube video about Richard Feynman. After the first few seconds, the video paused for buffering, buffering, buffering (as usual with DSL). I watched the same video after the fiber installation and, yay, no buffering! I watched a couple of other favorite music videos, and the same thing!

So ... new toys to play with (i.e., the new remote controls), new channel numbers to learn. At least when I download iTunes onto my new external hard drive, it won't take forever to do so.

In other news ... I've really got to kick butt and get going on this freelance article (for money) that's due at the end of the month. And I got a smile out of another freelance project, which involves converting a software manual from one kind of structured document format to another. The unlicensed version of the converter software randomly inserts words from a classic poem into the text that is being converted -- obviously, the goal is to get users to pony up the cash for the licensed version. That classic poem happens to be "Jabberwocky." So, the small bit of document conversion I've done so far has generated such highly technical phrases as these:

When in doubt, the jaws refer to the online document.

This is a his vorpal sword agreement between you, the end user, and [name of company].

...and the recipient agrees to the terms of this Uffish thought.

The software is fully functional for 45 slithy toves, after which it will be code limited for an unlimited did gyre.

Good thing the customers are fannish friends of mine!
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This week I felt like posting a "word of the day" every day on Facebook. No other explanation, just to see what would happen.

Here are the four words for this week (so far):

Yes, they are ALL actual words! And people have been responding to them...

"oooohhhhh !! I know, I know, I know, ooooooo,,, oooooo, ooooooo."
"Oooh, new one on me! Thanks!"
"Sounds a lot like a 'word' my 6-year-old often uses: 'actular.'"
"U made me look it up - Good Word! Useful in the mundane world and the world of the SCA."
"ooooh, ooh, ooh,, me, on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Interesting concept. Might work in making families of fiction as well"

Hey, might as well have fun stretching everyone's vocabulary a bit, and salute the things I've been picking up at the Very Prestigious Institution.
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R. is coming over to watch the Super Bowl and the boy toy has prepared some treats.

This year, it's Baltimore vs. San Francisco, the Ravens vs. the 49ers. Of course my Facebook feed tilts toward Baltimore, but the Niners have some followers too. Me, I shall be agnostic, even though I drive a purple car (which predates the hype). I hope the Patriots are in it NEXT year! :-)

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to an all-day program for people who have been taken off the DC unemployment insurance rolls. We shall see what happens....
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I already summarized the weekend on my "Patricia of Trakai" blog, so if you don't already subscribe to its feed, here it is.

Tomorrow, back to my freelance writing work.
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All the well wishes -- more than 70 and counting on Facebook! -- are very touching. Especially for someone who thought she would never have any friends when she was growing up.

And today I got to spend most of today "doing what I love" -- i.e., writing and revising this article. Oh, well, it's on a subject I enjoy. Things could be worse in that department.

As it turned out, the combination of "middle of the week" and "middle of the month" meant only a short wait at the MVA to get my driver's license renewed. I'm good for another five years now. (Helpful tip for Maryland residents: You can check the "wait times" right here when the MVA offices are open. How convenient!)
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First of all, we got the rest of our power back in the wee hours -- was it early Tuesday, maybe? Everything seems to blur together -- all these disasters!

The important thing about the week was that the transmission shop in Old Town Bowie did NOT lose power, or at least the electricity was on by Monday morning. That enabled the workers to finish my car by Tuesday afternoon! On Wednesday morning Maugorn kindly drove me to the bank (which was along the way) and then to the transmission shop, where I handed over my cash and retrieved my pretty purple baby (yes, my Pontiac will always be "my baby," even though she's 15 years old). The front desk in the transmission shop had a basket of small Kit Kat bars for the taking, so I made sure Maugorn got one too.

Since then I've had a couple of occasions to accelerate my purple Pontiac up to highway speed, and the transmission is transmitting power nice and smoothly. So, yay, I've got my wheels back! And I can take myself to Atlantian 30-Year! *happy dance*

A big THANK YOU to all who made it happen, too!

In other words, between all the hurricane-related disruptions, my freelance articles, and general life, I did not post that we just passed the anniversaries of my father's death and birth. For those of you who are new around here, my Dad's birthday was August 31, and he died on August 29. You can look up those dates in my journal archives (more so on LJ than DW) to see what I've written about him in the past. I certainly have been thinking of him these last few days.

Actually ... yesterday (Dad's birthday) brought me over to our Local Friendly Space Agency to interview three scientists (for an article I'm writing, not for a job). I got another tour of the Chambers of (Instrument) Torture, where spacecraft get shaken violently, blasted with 150 dB of sound, freeze-dried, baked in vacuum, and whirled on an eyeball-popping centrifuge, all in preparation for liftoff. Although all these tests are designed for non-living things, I can't help thinking that the torturers of the Inquisition would have loved to get their hands on them....
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For some reason, today I want to type "JL" instead of "LJ." I guess it's just that effed up. Well, once again, I'm not even going to try to cross-post this to LJ.

It's frustrating that I randomly/occasionally get glimpses of my LJ friends-list, but I can't stay connected to the site long enough to comment on anybody's post.

Getting a bit anxious about this feature article I'm working on, getting way anxious about finances too. I know, I know, I should be biting off little bitties of this project and focus on doing one step at a time until the project is done. But then I toss and turn at night and wonder about the big picture. How much longer will I be able to live like this, will I have to rent out my spare bedroom somehow, who would want to pay to live in this filthy condo anyway, how will I survive if my car dies, yadda yadda yadda.

I can hardly believe that I am supposed to be leaving for Pennsic a week from tomorrow. Hell, it still seems like a million years in the future. I am not sewing any new garb for Pennsic. That dress I was working on at Marilyn's house a couple of Sundays ago will be for the 30-Year event.

I just noticed today that I'm not listed as cooking on ANY of the nights on the Pennsic meal plan. Our meal plan is pretty simple -- every night, two or three people take their turn buying food and feeding everybody else in the camp dinner (except for the one family that keeps strictly kosher). I'm listed in the tent database -- what happened to the food? Oy.

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