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1. Lately, my LJ layout seems to be completely broken on the Chrome browser, but it looks normal on Firefox. Has anyone else (or, anyone else who still does LJ/DW, that is) experienced this problem?

2. After a year and a half, I finally updated my "Lady Patricia of Trakai" blog. Check it out.

3. Today I spent some time working on my class for next week's Known World Dance and Music Symposium. Teaching a class on a subject on which there is exactly *one* extant English-language book will be ... interesting.

4. Today has also been the 40th anniversary of my high school graduation. I think the boy toy is officially tired of the subject. :-)

5. Little by little, I'm going through my files on both my computer's hard drive and my external hard drive to weed out duplicates. Especially on the external hard drive ... I've found five or six copies of some of the files on the external drive, thanks to various backup efforts. I had been really close to running out of room on both drives. Now I'm a little less close.
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Upasaka died in the early morning hours today.

Yesterday was his 55th birthday.

I saw the birthday reminder on Facebook, and for much of the day I debated what to say. I mean, what DO you say to someone who is spending his birthday in hospice when cancer is eating up his insides? But at dinnertime, his wife posted through his Facebook account that he was near death, so I joined lots of other people in writing comments wishing him peace and blessings.

And this morning I read this:
[excerpt] He died in my arms, quietly, gently and peacefully.
He is my love. He is with God. He is free from his body.
He will dwell within my heart and spirit as he soars into the kingdom of heaven. Never to be forgotten.

LJ's 18th

Apr. 15th, 2017 01:19 pm
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I guess the service is now old enough to vote????


Apr. 14th, 2017 10:51 pm
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I *finally* accepted the evil new LJ TOS today. Just because I wanted to check in on those friends who (a) haven't left LJ and (b) friends-lock their posts. (If you look at LJ in a browser in which you are not logged in to LJ, you can see the public friends' posts on your feed.)

Still haven't figured out whether I will delete the LJ or just stop posting there eventually. We shall see. In the meantime, if you're reading this on LJ and want to see the two most recent things I wrote, go here and here.
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I still can't crosspost to LJ because I still haven't accepted the new, evil TOS. I suppose I'll have to, eventually. But I have so much else to do this week.

I started my LJ in July 2003 and began this DW blog in March 2010. My crossposting between the two platforms was a bit spotty at first, and occasionally I posted to only one or the other because I was focusing whatever I was saying on someone who was on just one site. Since March 2010, though, I suspect that 99 percent of the content is crossposted.

If I start importing my LJ to DW, will the previously crossposted posts made after March 2010 be duplicated in DW, so that I have two copies of every post from 2010 on? How does the importing function handle entries that might be slightly different from DW to LJ? Would it be better to simply start a new DW account -- "luscious_archive," let's say -- and import the whole LJ shebang into it, and leave it as a record of my LJ activity?

I never did get lj_book to work at all. I'd like to back up my LJ as PDF copies of each entry on my external hard drive, but dang, that is one repetitive, lengthy, boring chore. And I don't have time for that chore. I have a feature article due early next week and a job interview on Thursday afternoon (at a place where I've already been turned down for three jobs over the last few years, but oh well), and I have very little money and I desperately need the cash from the writing job, and yeah, stress stress stress. Plus, I need to do some budget stuff for church, and oh, yeah, the congregation's search for a new settled minister is going to take just a bit longer because none of the candidates we wanted actually wanted us. *sigh*

Plus, I hear that DW's import function is swamped because of the latest LJ crisis. So, yeah, I'm not going to deal with it this week.
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Once in the distant past, this guy -- -- started following me on LJ. I've never met him in person, but he seemed like a good guy -- a church organist in Baltimore -- so I followed him back. Heck, I played my share of churches and Masses when I was a teenager, though I was not trained classically, as he was.

In 2010 he left LJ for Facebook, so I followed the link he left in his last friends-locked entry and friended him over there. At some point he and his wife moved down to Hilton Head, S.C., because he got a job at a church down there.

Then he started fighting colon cancer, and that seemed to be cured, and then he went in for surgery on his bladder. Turns out the cancer had spread to his bladder and through his abdomen and further upward.

He's two years younger than I am, and he is now in home hospice. I have no idea how much time he has left. He is not posting about the intimate details of the disease, but he is on painkillers and resting comfortably with his wife and family and cats. And, of course, he is surrounded by music, mostly Beethoven.
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I think I've caught up with everybody from the friending meme, so it's about time that I started explaining myself to my new friends (and this may be a refresher course for longtime friends as well).

I'm Patty, Pat, or Patricia (not Trish). Born and raised in Massachusetts, I still identify with that state, even though I have lived in Maryland for 23 years now. I am simultaneously an only child and the youngest of at least five -- my mother had a whole string of miscarriages before I came along. When I was growing up, I thought *everyone* waited 11 years after their wedding to become parents. Ha ha ha. So, yeah, my parents were "old" parents. In fact, today would have been my mother's 96th birthday.

So, yeah, I've been "on my own" since my mother died when I was 37. My father died shortly before my 23rd birthday. At least he got to see me graduate from college ... the first time around.

I have bachelor's degrees in both journalism and physics (different universities, different decades) and a master's degree in astronomy. Didn't get to my doctorate; the master's degree is worth about as much as a postage stamp in the job market. I did a lot of writing for trade magazines you've never heard of. For the past five years I've been freelancing, which means that I still write for some of those obscure publications, but for far less money. Sometimes I get really depressed and wonder why the hell I bothered to be the first in my family to go to college.

Anyhow, as you may have noticed from looking at my tags, I've been in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) almost as long as I've been on LJ. (See this for an explanation if you're unfamiliar.) Sometimes I wish I had joined the SCA much earlier in my life -- who knows what my life might look like by now -- but one can't turn the clock back. I just might as well make the best of whatever life I've got left.

Some other dramatis personae in this journal:

* Julia -- my beautiful gray and white cat. She came to live with me on July 14, 2009. (Don't worry, I love dogs too, I just don't have one in my life at the moment.)

* The boy toy -- this guy who has been living here in my condo (without a job) for some years now. I tend not to call him my boyfriend. More like the Doctor Who companion. I have no plans to marry him. People think I should throw him out, but I worry that I will be incapacitated with loneliness.

* Tall Dancer -- An unattached male SCAdian who lives 650 miles away. He was invited to our barony to teach some dances back in January and I ended up getting a wicked bad crush on him. Various things happened online. I guess we're just friends now. I have been unable to convince him to go to War of the Wings, a fairly large SCA event that is roughly equidistant from the two of us. But I'm going there anyway.

* R. -- A platonic male friend of mine for 30-plus years. Lives in northern Virginia. Politically conservative, so I try not to bring up the subject of politics. Huge LOTR fan. He has many, um, quirks, but he is part of a small group of friends who helped pull me out of a dark place when I was in my 20s, thus earning my lifelong thanks.

* T.H. -- A friend who has invited me to her house for Thanksgiving for many, many years. I mean, when I first started going, her nephew was in middle school, and he's now in his mid-20s. By now I know her entire family.

* Maugorn and Patches, CZ and Alex/Phoenix -- people I know both in real life and in LJ.

Other people to be explained when necessary.

Another fairly recent introductory post.

I think that's it for now. Feel free to ask questions.
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Wuxi, pool party
Picture by Wuxi on Flickr
Feeling like you're drifting all alone in the once-fun-but-now-too-quiet pool of Livejournal? Not to worry! [personal profile] silviarambles is running a friending meme!

Friending Meme for LJ Survivors - 2015 Re-edition

Please remember that friending frenzies work only if you spread the word, so, even if you're not looking for more friends, would you mind doing me a big favour and pimping the meme on your own journals?


And now, back to my own life:

I had a good weekend -- a couple of days of touristy activities with the boy toy, followed by marching with the Toastmasters in my town's Labor Day parade. First time I've marched in a parade since, oh, 1977....

Tall Dancer has not checked into chat very much at all since late last week (as evinced by the right-hand column on Facebook). Perhaps he's found a hot local babe....

We were supposed to have a rainstorm this afternoon, but it hasn't happened yet. Watch the storm roll in just before water-aerobics class in the outdoor pool is supposed to begin. (The city's indoor pool is closed for a while because it needs a whole new roof.)

Meme time

Jul. 7th, 2015 11:44 pm
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Supposedly there is a meme now going around on LJ:

Hey, I'm all for the few remaining LJ users (well, "few" comparatively speaking) finding each other.

The first time I tried to comment on the original post, it got marked as "spam," probably because I included a link to the SCA. I took it out and then the comment posted. Anyway, here are my answers the way I originally wrote them.

1.) Name (What you want to be called): Patty or Patricia (either is fine)
2.) Timezone: U.S. Eastern
3.) Languages: English
4.) Hobbies: The Society for Creative Anachronism is my great hobby, interest and passion. It's the overarching framework for a lot of my other activities. That said, I'd list my current hobbies as reading, fiber arts (especially knitting), English country dancing, and playing music (percussion and recorder) for English country dancing.
5.) Interests: Lithuanian history, heraldry, astronomy, history of science.
5 1/2.) Fandoms: I lean more to Star Trek than Star Wars. Also: Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, and a whole lotta bands and TV series that don't exist anymore.
6.) Passions: Progressive politics, Unitarian Universalism
7.) Guilty pleasure music/song/band: Various '80s and alternative stuff
8.) Level of activity on LJ: (i.e., frequent updater, lurker, just a commenter, etc.) I post about 9 to 15 times a month, depending on mood.
9.) DNW: far-right conservatives, tea partiers, homophobic racists and sexists
10.) Words to live by: If I am not for myself, who will be? If I am only for myself, what am I? And if not now, when?

1.) Do you have faith in the next generation? Why? My friends' kids are awesome. I hope certain people in the older generation don't ruin our world before they inherit it.
2.) What makes you laugh? The humor posts on the "Single Dad Laughing" blog
3.) What exotic pet would you like to have? I don't think people should have exotic pets.
4.) What is the next planned event you're looking to in your life? A professional conference in October
5.) What was your favorite food when you were a child? Potato pancakes and sour cream
6.) What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year? Early evening/no preference/September
7.) What do you want to be when you grow up? Employed
8.) What is something you learned in the last week? Power-boat racing used to be a popular sport on the Chesapeake Bay.
9.) If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose? Hermione Granger
10.) Who/what is your spirit animal? Don't really have one.

post a gif, image, video, or words to give a more personal touch
I find it inspiring that Weird Al Yankovic is having the best year of his career at age 55! I find this song of his hilarious because I am such a grammar nerd:
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Somebody wrote this celebration of LiveJournal that sums up a lot of my feelings about LJ and DW. I don't mind FB, but sometimes there are just things that need to be said without being attached to a legal name that can be Googled by prospective employers.

I've been meaning to write a long post about relationships (the romantic or not-so-romantic kind) on LJ/DW, but I need to make some headway on my writing-for-pay first.
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I have way too many browser tabs open, so let me get rid of a few here.

A new model of the origin of the Earth-Moon system:

Steampunk podcast:

Sixth-century manuscript decoded by spectroscopy:

Wikipedia recently featured Wells Cathedral, one of the places I've visited in England:

Comcast plans to turn its paying customers into free hot spots:

Just before the world marked the 70th anniversary of D-Day, Sir Winston Churchill's last living child died. She was quite the badass in her day:

Stupid password tricks:

What things are like for young people today:

What the hell is wrong with America?

Current politics of the ISS:

Forget universal preschool -- we need a 13th grade:

What ever happened to LiveJournal, anyway?

This week Republicans killed Elizabeth Warren's plan to ease Americans' crushing student loan debt:

Growing partisan rancor:

This town's local friendly maker club:

A private browser thing I might want to try:

Some career thing to read later:
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1. Today was filled with pierogies. The boy toy and I made a couple of batches of them this afternoon ... and then we didn't eat any. We froze most of them but saved six in the fridge for tomorrow night's supper. Then we went to my church for a Russian-themed Ethnic Dinner. This wasn't the first time the committee, months ago, chose an Ethnic Dinner theme to match an Olympic host city, but they didn't exactly foresee the Ukrainian/Crimean crisis hard on the heels of the Games. Then again, the chief organizer of the whole Ethnic Dinner series is more interested in peoples and cultures than politics. Attendance was a little light this time around, but those of us who attended got a tasty and filling meal.

2. Speaking of Russia ... it has occurred to me that I should start backing up my LJ in case the Russian parent company severs ties with the US for whatever reason (or it is hit with politically motivated DDOS attacks or whatever). I've never gotten LJ Book to work, so I'm just plugging away with And that doesn't even work on friends-locked posts, so every time I come to one of those, I have to change it to public, make the PDF, and then go into "edit entry" and change it back to friends-only. Needless to say, this is slow going.

3. Welcome to all the new folks around here. It's encouraging that there are still some people on LJ.

4. I was thrilled that the UMass men's basketball team made it to the Big Dance for the first time since 1998, but less than thrilled that they were one-and-done. Then again, the first half of their season was stronger than the second half anyway.

5. I was going to write more, but the combination of the hour and the heavy meal ... I don't think I'll be awake much longer.
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OK, Deza has convinced me. If she can do LJ Idol, I can too!

My LJ Idol entries will be public for your voting and forwarding pleasure. However, I'm still a little bit squicky about associating my LJ/DW username with my real-life name, so please use some discretion.

We shall see what happens next. If nothing else, I'll get some practice in creative writing.
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Busy, busy, busy. This week I have to do some edits to the feature article I finished before Christmas; write a short article on a scientific conference at the other end of the county; work on a much longer feature article (not the one that I finished before Christmas); finish the Ottoman jacket for Twelfth Night; make the accessories for the Twelfth Night ensemble; buy food to bribe the heralds into helping me at the Twelfth Night consult table; prepare all the other stuff I need for the consult table; pack up the car and actually GO to Twelfth Night. Which should be really fun. But still.

For me, January is filled with anniversaries, and not all of them are pleasant. But I *am* quite happy that this past Friday (the 3rd) was the exact 10th anniversary of my very first SCA event, the Storvik Yule Revel. I continue to give thanks for all the wonderful people and experiences that the SCA has brought into my life. I only wish that some of them, like Dom Pedro and Sir Gauss, were still with us.

(P.S. I seem to be having issues with LJ at the moment, but you can use the archive function there to explore what I wrote back in January 2004, if you're really curious.)
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Gee, why did all that unsalted butter disappear from my fridge? And why is my kitchen full of freshly baked cookies? I think the boy toy had something to do with it.... :-)

I am continuing to play with my tablet. I posted a "test post" to DW with the ElJay app, but it didn't get cross-posted to LJ. I shall have to practice cross-posting before next week. And if I can't cross-post, well, I'll try to make everything public and folks from one journal might temporarily have to check the other journal. I'm not going to make huge LJ/DW posts from the tablet, either. Just saying.
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Who knows, maybe I can get a post in every day this month? Or at least this week?

My skin seems to be less itchy today. Thank goodness.

It still is REALLY quiet in LJ/DW land. Where did everybody go? Well, at least [personal profile] pearl posted some links for safekeeping! Thanks!

Now, back to work...
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Sixty-five years ago this morning, the granddaughter of French Canadian immigrants and the son of Lithuanian immigrants got married ... and they eventually became my parents.

Ten years ago today, I started a LiveJournal. Wow, it's been quite the ride. I was following a new friend onto LJ. Since then I've made lots of new friends, reconnected with an old friend from my Massachusetts days (by literally recognizing her face in an icon in the "fortysomething" community), got involved in the SCA (on the suggestion of said new friend, who proposed that I get involved in Markland, except I couldn't figure out how to do that), made even MORE new friends. Never mind gaining and losing a couple of jobs along the way, although at least I got to go to Hawaii for free. :-)

Yep, I've had quite a few adventures in the past decade, and LJ has been heavily intertwined in most all of them. Since LJ has had its issues over time, and now seems to be a shadow of its former self, I started this mirror account at DW a few years back. I suppose I should start using LJ Book to back the whole darned thing up just in case the Russian overlords pull the plug. Hey, we've seen other 'net ecosystems go away: GreatestJournal, Geocities, Posterous....

I wonder where the next decade will take me? And how will I chronicle it?
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... from DW to LJ.

Test post

Oct. 31st, 2011 07:45 pm
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The last couple of DW entries did not cross-post the way they should have. Let's see if the problem has been fixed.

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