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... or am I just getting tired earlier these days?

At least I'm getting enough sleep most nights. More than I used to get when I had an actual job. However, sleep doesn't pay the bills.

Deep thoughts on a Thursday night.
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Last month, while going through some of my books, I found one of my two copies of Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. (Yes, I have *two* copies, with two different covers. Fancy that.) Since the year was about to start, I thought it might be a route worth pursuing for my mental health in these trying times, even if it does read in places like something preciously, pretentiously straight out of the 1990s School of Self-Esteem.

I haven't done the gratitude journal *every* night, but when I can, I do (in my own handwritten diary, the latest volume of which began in February 2008 -- that's how much I have switched to online journaling). There have been a couple of nights when I was too tired, a couple of nights when I was feeling crappy about myself and/or my bank account, a couple of nights when I just plain forgot. I suppose it will end up being a helpful reminder of the good things about my life (because, honestly, my life IS mostly good except for the lack of a steady income).

There are a couple of indications of how times have changed since the book was first published in 1995. January 28th and 29th cover "The Illustrated Discovery Journal" and "Your Personal Treasure Map." Both are supposed to be exercises involving paper, photo-filled magazines, scissors, and glue. Nowadays, of course, people just use Pinterest. :-)
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Cut for potential triggers... )

I'm not sure what is going to come out of the man's death, besides people leaving mementos at the base of the Mother and Child statue. Perhaps a memorial fund that would help people who are down and out on their financial luck would be most fitting.
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Today I bought my first jegging.

Now I feel every one of my 56 years. I feel like the old lady who buys a super-basic cellphone to keep in touch with her grandchildren and brags about her new purchase to all her senior friends.

Apparently, "jeggings" (plural) is already in the dictionary. And retail people like to shorten "pants" to "pant" and "jeans" to "jean," so "jeggings" similarly becomes "jegging."

I like the way my jegging looks on me. It actually fits my weird proportions (fat belly and butt, comparatively skinny legs) better than the thrift-store jeans I'm wearing now. But the word itself is just so ugly. Just because new words are being added to the English language doesn't mean I have to like them.
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So last week I started reading the Single Dad Laughing blog. And I just can't stop reading it.

I'm obviously neither a parent nor a man. Duh. But he writes for human beings, and he is just an awesome writer.

I stumbled upon the blog early last week when the "lesson of the saggy burrito" went viral on Facebook. As a woman who had to deal with this sort of thing for forty years, I still cannot reread it without laughing.

So I started exploring the archives, because the blog didn't seem to be totally about parenting. Oh, yeah, it is mentioned. But there is so much else. (And we non-parents can still learn something from the perspective of parents, can't we?)

I found other entries that made me laugh, but others that brought tears to my eyes, and still others that made me cringe in painful recognition of my own foibles. This Dan guy is an amazing writer. And he also knows all the blog-publishing tricks too, to keep the modern, Web-trained reader coming back. Tricks that go over the head of us old-fogy boomers. (He's only 35.) He has hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook ... books and apps ... and I'm sitting at the computer and realizing that in many ways he's living the kind of life I'd like to be leading.

As if 2015 wasn't already the Year of the Great Smack Upside the Head....

It's getting late, so I'm just going to post a whole bunch of links to Single Dad Laughing entries that have touched me in some way (humor, humanity, raw feelings). In the coming days I'll try to explain what I'm feeling. But right now, here's a list, starting with one of those open-a-vein-and-write posts.

And now, don't you feel just awesome? (And don't you think I'm writing just like this guy? I am such an imitator. Bleah.)
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Back in January I bought the Day Runner two-page-per-day calendar set to go with the FranklinCovey compact leather binder a church friend gave to me. But not all the pages fit into the binder at once, so I've been adding them in as the year progresses.

So today I grab the next stack of pages, which is supposed to be July through September ... but it's October to December.

So I have TWO sets of October-to-December pages, but NONE for July-to-September.

And I know I will not be able to find the register receipt for this long-ago Staples purchase ... so what the hell do I do now??


Mar. 31st, 2010 09:40 pm
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'Twas the night of the Bradford Pear Stench,
When all up and down the street
Every old man, old woman, laddie and wench
Did wish once again to Winter meet.

OK, I *know* I'm never going to be Poeta Atlantiae. :-P

Fortunately, the stink will go away in a day or so (to be followed hard on by the dreaded Green Spooge). But tonight, the tall, white-flowered trees rival the Dumpsters as the local malodorant.

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