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The Tournament of Roses has a "never on Sunday" policy, apparently dating back to the days when people rode horses to church, so we had to wait until today to watch our favorite New Year's Day parade. (It was certainly a tradition in MY house, anyway.)

Later on, the boy toy and I watched the Rose Bowl football game. I'm not one to watch any old football game just for the hell of it, but the boy toy is a big fan of the University of Southern California Trojans, because his mother graduated from USC. (The boy toy himself went to a Division III school, Humboldt State.) It was a thrilling game, with dramatic interceptions and lead changes, plus lots of scoring. USC won with a last-minute field goal, 52-49. Woot!

* * * * * *

Tonight makes 20 years since my final telephone conversation with my mother. (Of course, I didn't know that at the time.) I'm about to hit a lot of Mom-related 20-year milestones, all of them sad.
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I'm not sure how much I'll be posting to LJ/DW over the next couple of days. I'll just have my tablet with me, so those posts are liable to be VERY short. A few other random comments:

1. Still reading Rebecca. At times I wonder whether Rebecca was the illegitimate child of Mrs. Danvers. Yes, I know all about the rigidity of British social classes and all that, but still... Wait, wait, DON'T tell me!

2. For sports fans around here, the 30th anniversary of this gruesome injury is a Big Deal, but maybe this week will finally become known for Bryce Harper's National League MVP award. Meanwhile, I'm thinking about David Ortiz.
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Did you see that Super Bowl victory??? A whole decade later than the last one, but hey, I'll take it!

The boy toy and I stayed home, and he made cepelinai because today was "World Zep Day." Basically such things are big, meat-filled potato "zeppelins." It worked for me.

And now I need to focus on getting my freelance article done despite all the other recent distractions.....
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... when I was reminded why the windows in the future educational center in the Very Prestigious Institution (the project that I am working on for the V.P.I.) are blast-proof. Something about high-value targets across the street and all that. Especially high-value on April 15 every year.

Seriously, I am still heartbroken over yesterday's Boston Marathon bombings. Despite 20 years in the Maryland suburbs of DC, I still consider myself a Massachusetts person who happens to be living down here. If you know me in person, you have probably noticed that I tend to get prickly when somebody disses the Bay State in my presence.

So, even though the cynic in me wants to say "gee, every night in American cities at least three people die in drive-by shootings and that does NOT make huge banner headlines," I grieve for the dead and injured and have nothing but disgust for the coward(s) who planted the bombs and (presumably) took off before they exploded.

I still lack Internet at home, so I have to get out of here for the evening, but here are links to a couple of wonderful essays about the deep affection for Marathon Mondays: Dan Kennedy and E.J. Dionne. I too remember standing in Kenmore Square or along Brookline Avenue to cheer on the runners -- first the elite, then the average Joes and Janes who flocked (or staggered) by a couple of hours later. (One summer I also sublet a room in an apartment about a block from the second blast site. Crappy building back then, but tony location.)

Last night after dance/music practice I had mixed feelings while watching CNN: I was proud to see photos from my favorite college newspaper shared on the news network, but saddened at the occasion that brought it about.
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R. is coming over to watch the Super Bowl and the boy toy has prepared some treats.

This year, it's Baltimore vs. San Francisco, the Ravens vs. the 49ers. Of course my Facebook feed tilts toward Baltimore, but the Niners have some followers too. Me, I shall be agnostic, even though I drive a purple car (which predates the hype). I hope the Patriots are in it NEXT year! :-)

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to an all-day program for people who have been taken off the DC unemployment insurance rolls. We shall see what happens....
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I guess [personal profile] silmaril would call these "bitties." :-)

1. Apparently the boy toy saw a few snowflakes overnight because he stays up really late, but any "snow" was gone by 9 a.m. when I looked out the window. Snow falling on cherry blossoms is very beautiful, but also very wrong.

2. Last weekend was Lunacon, and I didn't go. Afterward I did the usual blog search and found comments and descriptions like this one. "Distinct lack of energy in the air" is a telling phrase. It's just as well I didn't go.

3. Tonight the boy toy made onion soup with Guinness beer. Not too bad, actually.

4. Noticed the NCAA Elite Eight proceedings with some detachment. After all, none of *my* alma maters is involved (unlike some folks on my Facebook f-list). Interesting that Coach Cal (Kentucky) will face Coach Calhoun (UConn) in the semifinal round. Their teams played each other when Coach Cal was at UMass and, sadly, UConn always beat us.

5. Five things make a post....
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The boy toy is simmering some beef for tacos, and later he'll broil up some chicken wings.

Me? I'm watching, and I know Roadskoller is cheering for her beloved Green Bay Packers, but I still feel bad that the best team in the NFL regular season -- the team with the unanimous league MVP -- isn't going to be there. (Hey, it would have been a rematch of the 1997 Super Bowl. Oh, wait, that was the year my mother died.)

At least the Puppy Bowl with the Kitty Halftime Show was adorable. *dies of cuteness*
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("Bitties" being a word borrowed from [personal profile] silmaril, of course.)

Half of the NCAA men's round of 32 is set, and my score is 10 correct picks to 6 incorrect picks. Then again, I had selected Georgetown to go to the Elite Eight. Oh, well.

One of my Facebook (and church) friends, T.H., reported that she got her first daffodil bloom a couple of days ago. Heh, I got my first blossom on March 8. That's still a week later than some years, thanks to the stormy winter. Plus, I have a south-facing condo and the earliest-blooming daffodils are in a sunny spot; T.H.'s house is mostly in the shade.

Is Maryland part of the South? Apparently, for purposes of the Council of State Governments, we're more comfortably aligned with the Eastern region rather than the Southern region. But we still have that phrase "Northern scum" in our state song, and we can't erase the less savory parts of Maryland history, such as the fact that the University of Maryland's law school wouldn't let Thurgood Marshall enroll because of his race (though Marshall later got the court to bite that school in the butt). And then we still have to deal with the legacy of Roger B. Taney. Bleah. Also, I learned when I was studying Maryland heraldry that the counterchanged "cross bottony" (the red and white parts of Maryland's flag) was used as a pro-secession banner in Civil War days. Ugh.

Speaking of politics and law and history ... please, please, please let the House pass the health-insurance reform bill this weekend!! It's not perfect, but we NEED it!
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... and only one of the three victors was my pick. Dang, I ain't gonna win the office pool this way!

(And second-seeded Villanova was ALMOST beaten by Robert Morris -- the game went into double OT.)

I let Obama's choices guide me pretty heavily, with a few deviations here and there. Still ... please don't let me down, Mr. President! You thought Villanova was a really good team!

EDITED TO ADD: The Villanova game had only a single OT; it was the BYU-Florida game that went into double OT.

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