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Good grief, how the time does fly....

So I have had a couple of great weekends in a row.

Saturday, May 27: Daytripped to Balticon in downtown Baltimore. Second year that the con has been held in the city where one must pay to park. That wasn't the only reason why I limited my con attendance to Saturday, though (more on that in a bit). I enjoyed the things I wanted to enjoy: the medieval dance, Maugorn's concert, and the masquerade. I saw some folks I don't get to see too often, although I did miss CZ and Alex/Phoenix. Moving the con suite from the 12th floor to the fifth-floor common level was a HUGE improvement.

Sunday, May 28: I really wanted to attend church in the morning, because that was our first glimpse of the ministerial candidate. She made a very big positive impression right from the get-go. After the service, there was a pizza luncheon and the candidate stayed to answer our questions. She has an interesting life story -- she worked as a civil engineer for many years before feeling called to the ministry. She and her husband have three grown sons.

Afterward, it was kind of a drizzly day, so the boy toy and I went on a drive through Anne Arundel County and ended up at an idiosyncratic joint called Crabtowne USA. Hey, the fish tacos were good.

Monday, May 29: The "money committees" of the church met with the ministerial candidate for a couple of hours. More positive impressions. Afterward, the boy toy cooked up shrimp and scallops at home.

Saturday, June 3: Storvik Novice Tourney, our barony's signature event. Once again we held it at the College Park Knights of Columbus, which has plenty of room, though no camping. That's OK -- it's the next town over from me, so why would I need to camp? I taught a "heraldry 101" class, although a couple of heralds who know much more than I do sat in and geeked out. Many, many of my friends received well-deserved awards from Their Majesties and Their Excellencies. Exposure to bright sunlight all day long made my brain go into "instant sleep" mode after sunset, so I went to bed a couple of hours earlier than I usually do.

Sunday, June 4: Another excellent service by our ministerial candidate, followed by our annual congregational meeting, at which we voted to call her as our settled minister with 98 percent of the vote. Yay! We finally have a permanent minister again! After the meeting, we had a brief party with champagne and cake, and there was much rejoicing.

We shall see whether this coming weekend's Baltimore Lithuanian Festival will live up to its outstanding predecessors.

And oh, yeah, after midnight it will be June 9 and the FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY of my high school graduation. It's a couple of weeks before the boy toy's 40th. Birthday, not anniversary. Why do you *think* I call him the "boy toy" here??

Oh NO.

Aug. 31st, 2016 10:14 pm
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Don't worry, I'm perfectly fine. Even got my driver's license renewed today, which would have been my father's 99th birthday. (99!)

BUT ... today the weather forecast changed, and what had been the prospect of a perfectly sunny and clear Labor Day weekend was replaced by the prospect of having a tropical storm roar over the mid-Atlantic region on Saturday evening -- right when Storvik is hosting Battle on the Bay. (It's our turn to host this SCA event; in odd-numbered years, the Barony of Lochmere runs it.)

Longtime readers of this journal may recall the vicious June 2012 storm that resulted in the cancellation of that year's Storvik Novice Tourney. That was NOT a happy weekend. One of our fencers took refuge under the permanent pavilion just before a tree crashed down on top of her tent. She's convinced that she would have been killed if she'd stayed in her tent. Other tents were destroyed or damaged, and the access road was blocked with downed trees and wires.

I have been hoping that I could camp at the event (Friday and Saturday nights) because I'm helping out with troll (entrance gate; where we collect the money) and the Battle on the Bay site is a 45-minute drive from my home. However, I really don't want to bring home wet canvas. I did that after the spring SCA "garb wars" event on the Eastern Shore, when it rained all weekend, and spreading out the tent to dry in the living room was a giant PITA. (And that one I *had* to camp at because of the distance.) I guess I'll just keep an eye on the weather forecasts. I happen to know that the National Weather Service runs another one of its giant "operational" supercomputer models every six hours.


Sep. 11th, 2015 11:31 pm
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Hello to the new folks around here! (Well, to my longtime friends too.)

Tonight I'm getting ready to go to my first SCA event since mid-May (mostly due to my roller-coaster income levels). I honestly feel a bit out of practice. But I hope it turns out all right.

I'll write a bit more about myself in the next few days. I don't want to be up too much later so that I can wake up in the morning and help Johanna set up the Storvik yard-sale booth. Since I helped collect and price the goods, I might as well help sell them, too.

In the meantime, please feel free to browse the archives, the memories, etc.
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Is it just me, or has it become a firm tradition that the Friday night of Storvik Novice and Unbelt Tourney Weekend ***MUST*** feature lightning, thunder, and drenching rains??

Decided not to camp, even though I already paid for it. That extra $5 will just be a donation to the Barony.

Well, now I have a whole lot less loading up to do....
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So ... after the events of the previous entry, I wandered around the outdoor tents, found Fabric Dragon, and bought a couple of strands of pearls from her.

Then Baron William asked me if I would explain heraldry to his 14-year-old daughter. She has been going by Rachel Williamsdottir during her youth-fighting career, but now she is thinking of something else. Her father explained that she would like something 14th-century English to go with his persona and that she would like to use the cross patonce in her device because that's one of the charges in his arms. Of course, while he was telling me this, Rachel had this look on her face that just read, "Oh, Dad is being so embarrassing again." Then Baroness Bess called him away for something, so I had about half an hour to talk to her. I didn't have any of my books, of course, but I think I managed to go over most of the important principles of names and devices. Certainly it's a lot to absorb all in one shot. Then William came back and suggested that we continue the conversation later, so Rachel whipped out her cell phone and put my number into it. Such a modern teenager, after all. :-)

I also heard something going on behind the sheet wall marking off a portion of the hall for the Queen and the Baronage. Through the doorway I could see that it had something to do with Watkyn of Kent, who is a musician from the Marinus/Tir-y-don area (sorry, I always get those two baronies mixed up). I got to the doorway just in time to see Watkyn made a Court Baron, with Baron Talorgen (one of the senior heralds) giving him the leather coronet off his own head. Vivat!

Back to shopping. I didn't want to spend too much, but I bought a couple of used paperbacks (one on Byzantine women, the other on the modern topic of distraction). I did an awful lot of browsing, too, and salivated over a couple of patterns from Reconstructing History. Eventually I decided on a couple of Italian Renn sleeves. I've been saying for years that I need to make tie-on sleeves for my Italian Renn dresses, but I've never done it, so I figured I might as well buy a pair for $15. Finally, I found a guy who was selling copies of the brand-new Known World Handbook, and I bought the last copy in his stock. Hey, I know I'm going to want it, so why not avoid the shipping charges? [personal profile] pearl might be especially interested to know that the gentleman I bought the book from has the mundane surname Lucas. :-)

Finally, I sat with Baron Watkyn and his lady during evening court (I'd already attended an afternoon court on the archery field). When the winners of the A&S competition were announced, I was delighted to win third prize. House Corvus had made nice, soft blue pouches for the winners, plus I got 50 gold dollar coins in mine. :-) Of course I look forward to putting that money back into circulation among the SCA merchant community. :-)

(Photos of the turkey will be happening soon...)
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I have decided to head out to Novice Tourney first thing in the morning instead of tonight. Just so you all know.

Yes, I actually did leave work early today. (I have more than 19 days' worth of paid time off, so this is *not* cutting into my Pennsic vacation.) But by the time I got everything packed in the car, and the pinhole in my air mattress patched, and dealt with two brief power outages (other parts of my town seem to be having considerably more trouble with their electricity), I was feeling tired and it was getting dark. And, really, I'm tired of setting up tents in the dark. I'd rather figure it out in the light.

So I'll get up tomorrow morning as if I were going to work, and just head down to the southern tip of the Barony instead. Hope nobody's worrying about me....

In other news, on Wednesday night I went to the Board of Trustees meeting; even though my term doesn't start until July 1, I wanted to be up to speed with the budget that the outgoing Board adopted.

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